Another canned thread?..

I wonder where that interesting thread from this morning went. You know, the one that wasn't about sh!tting in the woods...


  • It involved serious discussion so was immediately and quite rightly removed.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
  • It's Friday, you can't have serious discussion on a Friday.
  • Are we talking about Carl's thread here? What hapened Ive not been online today.
  • oddly enough, neither has Carl since his thread was canned. I'd just posted my reply too:(
  • Aah, it's finally dawned on me which thread this is about. That all got a bit snipey, didn't it?
  • Oh, do tell ... what was it about and who was fighting?
  • Ava- what was everyone saying?
  • If I told you would that not just precipitate the canning of the "another canned thread" thread?
  • Good point Ava - and also wouldn't it just kick off the same round of sniping all over again.

    Don't feel left out, oxy, I saw the thread and it took ages for me to figure out what runnersblog meant.
  • well if ever there was a thread that it would be amusing to have cazzed this would be it :-)

    Or perhaps we should just stick to discussing shitting in hedges and just general introspective boring nonsense without meaning.
  • And I posted on the thread last night ive just not been online today thats all.
  • The thread went the way so many issue or current affair threads went: a lot of debate, quite a bit of which was sensible, but nicely sprinkled with the "You're a tosser!", "No, you're the tosser" type posts.

    It's precisely for that reason that I don't bother to post on such threads. I get enough people calling me a tosser at work/home/when I'm running etc.

    For further reference, please see any thread started by Barnsleyrunner.
  • Marvellous ...
  • By which I mean, his threads tend to end up in the mud-slinging. Not blaming BR for that: he argues a very good case, plus he takes the ribbings he gets in good spirit. To some folk though, a counterargument seems to be: "sod off, tw*t features"

  • Your a tosser, the evidence was there for all to see on Shrove Tuesday.
  • I have to admit that I read this thread earlier. I'm no prude etc. but I'm glad it was binned. It made me ashamed to use the website.
  • The real irony is all Carl ever goes on about is being hungry and sausages. Never quite sure if the sausages are real or a metaphor though:)
  • What? ashamed to use a wesite where there are 200000 other users and some of them disagree with you?
  • It was pretty ropey oxy.
  • Yeah, I guess it wasn't the "you're a tosser" that got it deleted. It was prob'ly a matter of it being deemed "in bad taste".
  • nothing to do with people disagreeing with other people's point of view - I don't mind having a good old debate and hearing other people's opinions, but this was pretty bad. I'm sure if someone started a thread slagging off the people of SE Asia after the Tsunami it would have (rightly) got binned. This was no different.
  • People are dying of thirst out there.
  • Was it Ava? Personally I didnt find the original post offensive.
  • It went a little downhill from there:)
  • I've just read some of the reports on the BBC news site, and the situation there is much worse than I'd realised.

    People have been dying in that Superbowl refuge place and they're running out of water. It's a really awful time.
  • Explosions & fires too. Hard to believe this is happening in America.
  • I heard a father of a british guy on the radio this morning saying his son (whos is in the bowl) felt his life was in danger because people were threating each other and fighting over the water.
  • The aftermath seems even worse than that of the Tsunami. Foolishly I'd assumed that things would get better quicker in the US being as it is so close to aid, but it's just not looking like it.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    It was the only time I haven't blamed Bush for something and it was cazzed.

    God must be anti-Bush. (him or RW's web inspectors)
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