Ohh My Shins !!


I have just retired a pair of Nike Air Pegasus for Adidas Calibrate and upped my mileage over Christmas - now I have a recurring shin problem. I have rested (1 week) doing pilates and cycling to keep core strength. Just tried a 2 mile easy to test my shin and it still hurts - not so I can't walk or run, but just enough to remind me that its there. Should I just run through it or rest for longer . . . or even see a physio??


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Have you binned the Pegs? If not, use them for a couple of runs, then alternate between them and the new shoes until they are broken in. The shin pain is probably just a slightly different balance in the shoes that your legs aren't used to yet.
  • More likely related to the increased mileage, try building up gradually. Also Ice the shins after running and keep them raised for a while.

    Good luck and hope they get better

    cheers jenks
  • You should also massage the muscles around the shin which should help. As mentioned already, don't increase the mileage to quickly. You should also to escercises to strengthen up the muscles around the shin and also keep the calfs well stretched.
  • Thanks folks - much appreciated.

    I'll do the ice thing and do some massage.

    I've still got the pegs, so I'll give that a whirl as well - anything to get better.

    Hope it all settles down soon, as I'm hoping to be ready for the Reading half, with the Goring 10k as a warm up.

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