Worth it or not really?


  • I've got one and only used it once. Alternativley you could spend your money on wine and women (or men as the case may be).
  • I bought the blue one when I first started excersising and it definatly helped actually. But someone who had done a lot of excersise anyway would probably have stronger respiratory muscles to start with.
    Want to get the red one now.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    I used one for a while a couple of years ago. I had a peak flow meter (from probs with tonsilittis years ago) at home so could check wether made much difference. Thing is I was developing (early stages) in running etc back then anyway, so my lung function improved but could have just been from getting fitter.

    Heard that it IS supposed to help and dont they claim a 10% increase in exercise-spec lung function?
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  • It may help if you have probs with your lungs, but for most people I don't think that's the limiter.

    It's hard work to use and most get chucked in a drawer after a day or two.

    I'd imagine a trumpet would be as beneficial, and a better party piece ?
  • Cheers for the info. Will stick to spending money on wine. Don't think hubby would be too chuffed if I spent the cash on men (or women!!)
  • Ooooh - I dunno ! ;-)
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