Shoes for an overpronator

Hi all.

As an overpronator (fallen arches) with ITBS I was sorted out with a pair of Saucony Grid Omni 3's, and, after a bit of augmentation of the insole, they're doing the job well, and my ITBS is history (touch wood).

I'm in the market for replacing them (age, and a bit tight with all the yellow pages inserts!), and can't decide whether to go for the same shoe. The thing is, it's in the 'stability' shoe category - should I gamble and go for a 'motion control' one specifically for overpronators, hoping that I won't have to customise them?

Bear in mind that I'm too skint to go down the orthotics line at the moment, especially as they may not work anyway.

If anyone has any knowledge of Omni 3's or similar, I'd be really glad of some insight as to whether I was given a suitable shoe.



  • Go for the Omni3 U's. Saucony now make two models of the Omni, the M (moderate stability) & the U (Ultimate). Both weigh in the same, but the U have denser medial post, with another 2ndary medial post inside it! Id go for em myself, but have always found Saucony to feel a lil to flat/hard for my feet.
  • I like the New Balance 854, soon to be replaced with the 855. It's a bit heavy, but well cushioned and very stable.
  • Thanks chaps.
    I'll probably go for the Ultimate.
    Unless someone out there knows better.....!
  • Swerve, It might be worth giving the Mizuno Wave Legend a look. I bought a pair a few months ago and find them very good. They seem quite light for a motion control shoe and are very flexible.

  • Because I'm a mild overpronator only I use the Grid Omni 3 M. I'm told that the U does not give much more suport, but I haven't tried on a pair yet.

    The Saucony Grid Stabil might just be the thing for you from what I hear.
  • Thanks for those too.
    The Mizuno's a new one to me, but I'd been wondering about the 854 and the Stabil.... and more votes out there? :-)

    So many choices!
  • Some people like the 854 but personally I hate them, I ran in a pair for 5 weeks and was crippled, in my opinion they have the cushioning of a house brick.
    I went to a specialised running shop and he told me not to run in them at all and in his opinion they are the worst shoes on the market and refuses to sell them.

    Sorry to all you 854 lovers, (they say you either love or hate them), but they are not for me.


  • Crikey!

    At a svelte 13 stone I need a bit of cushioning. Well, chalk one vote off he 854 then!

    I think the Omni 3 Ultimate and the Stabil are in the lead, if only because they're close to what I know.
  • I had a pair of Grid Omni's up until they wore out in November last year. The man at the Running shop suggested Brooks GTS Adrenaline and in Early January i developed ITBS. Can anyone tell me if this new shoe i was recommended is suitable and could it have caused my injury.... I am thinking of going back to the Saucony's......

  • Mashers,

    There is not much difference between the Adrenaline and the Omni.

    The Omni is to my mind slightly softer in the heel and slightly higher in the heel. The heel is also slightly narrower and the upper slightly less flexible.

    I was torn between the two and in the end went for the Adrenaline on the basis that in summer the upper of the Omni was a bit heavy.

    I doubt the GTS caused the injury, unless it was (rare) a duff shoe. More likely it is something else aggravating the injury, or a lack of time stretching out, or an increase in mileage... Get it checked out by a physio if in doubt.

    If the Saucony's suit you, then go back to them, but It might not solve your problem.

    The Mizunos have a very different foot shape to Saucony. It didn't suit me, but if it does suit someone, the cushioning seemed interesting - a bit noisy mind :-).

  • Mashers

    I've had both the Omni 3s and Adrenalines. I think the Omnis are heavier, more supportive and a bit less flexible than the Adrenalines. REally depends how much support you need.

  • Likewise, I've had both Omni 3's and Adrenalines and they're pretty similar in most respects - currently I'm running in Adrenalines.
  • Just been for my first run outdoors in my Brooks Addiction 5. They felt rather heavy but I'll put that down to previously running in lighter shoes and the fact I haven't run for well over a year!
    I was recommended these in a running shop (tried on treadmill with camera)as I overpronate (moderately I believe). The shoe may be one to consider it received a good review in the RW shoe guide.

    Anyway - each to there own eh!

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