RAF Lossiemouth half marathon

Having mege probs trying to get entry form for this. One link is saying page not available other is giving entry form for February 2005. Tried sending emails and thay are coming straight back to me. HELP SOMEONE! I really want to do this race.

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  • Tangerinetwirly, I would suggest you go on to the Forres Harriers website and see if there is a link there, I think it was Paul (sorry can't remember his last name) that organised this last year and the year before. I don't think this race has ever reached its entry limit so will be plenty of time of enter. This is a PB course and if you get the right weather a good time could be had.

    It is a point to point course and buses take you to the start at RAF Kinloss.
  • Thanx Jane, I even heard there was tea and doughnuts after the race, that was the clincher for me LOL.

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  • Tangerinetwirly, james.mcfarlane2@ntlworld.com is the man you need to speak to. He's the main organiser. Very nice chap. Returned my cheque last year when I got sent offshore to wotk and had to miss the race. Alternativly, mailto:deputymembership@raftri.org.uk is the official e-mail of the RAF sports people. I'll be seeing you there then!!.
  • Sory, that should read just deputymembership@raftri.org.uk
  • Thanx just4fun I'll try the second address as I'm sure the 1st one is the one I've been trying and keep getting it returned unsent.

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  • Sorry but that didn't work either getting a similar message back from that email too. Telling me it's an invalid recipient. Don't think I'm meant to run this race.

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  • Woohoo! Managed to get the page for the universal entry form to open up, wouldn't open earlier. So can send that now. I'm a happy woman. Just after sending an email to Paul at Forres Harriers too, oops!

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  • I clicked on the link for the race website and also got this years event listing. I guess it must be too early to be applying for this one.
  • Maybe ur right Just4fun, but February doesn't seem that far away, sadly, once I get in2 Sept I feel that the year is almost over, when we still have 1/3 of the year to go.

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  • I know what you mean but I'm off on holiday to Italy 2morrow so to me, it's still summer. I hope you eventually get through to the Lossie race and get a place because, even though I missed it last year, I gather it's an excellent race to do.
  • Enjoy the hol, never been but been told it's a fab place to visit. Brilliant for kids too apparently.

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  • Thanks. It's just me and the wife so no kids. Florence is a beautiful place and I'd recommend it to anyone. In fact, anywhere in Italy.
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