Lyke Wake Race

ok so its a bit early but have been reading all the race reports and really fancy this next year if i can keep my chronic injuries under control!

figure i've got plenty of time to prepare :o)

anyone else?

Duck girl? what do you think?


  • I'm definitely up for this again :o)
  • not next year
    too many fish to fry
  • excellent v rap - see you there then!

    and i've got plenty of time to arrange cover this time if i'm rotored(?) to work that week end, which i'll not know until december.

    anyone got any training tips for this kind of thing? its all totally new to me.

    and do people walk the course/path all year round? in which case would it be a good idea for me to wonder down and walk different bits of it for trips out with the dog every now and then so its more familiar (or is that cheating!)
  • Quite possibly - have London to Brighton & Thames Meander & FLM booked already this yr, & thinking hard about Edinburgh mara too. But once I've got that little lot out of the way... LW's one I've wanted to do for the last few years, so I will have to see how I'm feeling after FLM, but probably.
    I'd be trying to do a recce over bits beforehand too if possible!
  • hi DG! thats what i like to hear!
    would be lovely to meet you and this looks like the perfect opportunity!
    you have got a lot planned haven't you!
    whens L to B and T meander?
  • Rhino

    you cannot escape the gaze of your VP!!

    Run this thing past me again...............
  • but its 10 months away! am i being totally unrealistic? :o(
  • and there's also the Durham Dales Challenge, starting and finishing in Wolsingham at the end of June, with 16, 28 and 50 mile variants, and rib cracking paths
  • hi ian - was that where you did your ribs? i know you've probably sai but i'm forgetful! are you going to do this too? :o)

    where did my VP go?
  • hi rhino, I think I'll stick with durham dales, it has a number of advantages, such as being nearer to me, starting and finishing in the same place, 28 miles is a decent enough distance, and technically an ultra, doesn't require much in the way of navigational skills, although I did get lost last year, lovely countryside and no dangerous bits, apart from the flat parts !
    and there are a number of feeding stations and a meal at the end, all for about £8, I think it is.
  • dangerous bits? does this have dangerous bits?
    durham dales sounds nice too. think i must be bang smack in the middle of the 2!
  • You'll need to read reports of Lyke Wake, specially PH's. When you are as geographically challenged as me, these things are important. And you can't beat finishing up where you started for logistical purposes. Oh yes, the start/finish is a school, so you have lots of parking, showers, and of course the dining room. Pity it's so far off, but worth waiting for, honest. No very steep bits, no bogs that'll suck your shoes off.
  • Ian, where do we get more info on the Durham challenge?
  • Hi Beanz, in theory, this should get you there
    but I'm having trouble making it work.
    However, as a veteran of 3 of them, I can bore for Britain on the subject, so feel free to ask away.
  • so do you think i'm biting off more than i can chew thinking of this then?

    maybe i could use the 16 mile durham dales as a warm up!
  • is the proper site, and seems to be working now.
    Plenty of time to make your mind up, rhino.
    Hmm, I seem to be doing a good job of hijacking this thread.
  • thanks for the link ian. 50 miles looks very tempting to me!
    <hides incase VP is about>
    did you do it on your own or with a group?
  • the 50 miler isn't on next year, as the national 100 mile event is on a few weeks earlier in Northumberland and the ldwa are running that.
    The way the tend to do it is set all the walkers off at 9am, and the runners at 10am. As there are only a few runners, I ran with someone else for the first half, then he took off on his own whilst I was still trying to get my cup of tea cool enough to drink, and avoiding tables full of food.
    If you plan walking it, rather than running, I'd think you would have company all the way if you wanted. If you are running, you can have fun passing the walkers, which let's you know you are on the right track, but will be on your own a lot.
  • sounds excellent ian :o)
  • sssh!
    stop everyone telling me about ultras!
  • ultras ultras ultras - you know you love it!
  • Lyke Wake 2006,
    thats a definite for me next year as I did support for a group this year and I want the challenge next year.
  • oh my god
    having resigned from work, i know i am not working this weekend
  • Really Hippo!?!?!?!?

    You can't use the 'I'm on call' excuse now for not doing races' :-)
  • yes really


    but i aint fast enough for this
  • Right

    Since that EVIL bryan individual has sent me an e mail-i thought id boing this

    Ill do it if there is someone willing to do it with me-and remember i am slow and may not make the cut off
    But i WILL finish
  • Hippo, i'll do it with you if you like. I'm not bothered about the cutoff as long as i finish. I did a 40 mile hike with periods of running last summer so think i'll manage it.
    You beat me at Lochaber last year so you're not that slow!
  • I quite fancy this one, ive never run an "ultra" before and was wandering what kind of level you need to be operating at to complete this race without suffering embarasment!
    Im currently training for FLM and would like to do something after with my "new fitness levels" (hopefully). I am hoping to complete FLM in about 3 1/2 hours and i completed the yorkshire 3 peaks last year in 5 1/2 hours using a run walk strategy, hopfully i will be in better shape than this come the race and was wandering if anyone can tell me if i i should consider it......advice please.
  • shit


    Elephant feet
    GO AWAY!!!!!
  • whimper

    Ive printed the entry form
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