Linlithgow 10K

Any of you GSR runners taking part in this? have only just entered so don't know if I'm in or not - might have been full.


  • hiya flump...when is this?
    was in linlithgow for the footie on saturday and it's a lovely place..sounds nice for a run
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    It's on Sunday September 25th.

    I sent my entry off a few weeks back but haven't heard anything.
  • I've applied as well but nothing back yet.
    Did it last year. Lovely scenic course and a long sleeved T shirt. Very handy for a Scottish winter.
  • Deadline is 9th sept though so you need to get your entry in sharp ish if you want to do it! There's a 600 place limit - meant to be first come first served so I assumed that they'd put a note on the web if they were full.

    Gillian, is it an easy course? Scenic suggests some hills to me! Hate hills. And heat!
  • sounds brilliant think I may put my name in for it..need a confidence booster after the GSR disaster
  • Edinburgh Flump I will not lie. Quite up and downie as I remember it, especially the first half but I got my PB there (51.31) so it can't be as bad as all that. And last year it was bl**dy freezing so you'll love it!!
  • eek. but fingers crossed it'll be baltic! Think my friend got a PB there too so I'll be gunning for one. Still desperately trying to crack 45 mins.

    See you there folks. And one day I might manage to work out how to put a photo on the site so you can recognise me!
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