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Call this lack of common sense or not (ha-ha-ha) but I have been running for a number of months and suffer from chafing in places that are just not comfortable afterwards. Too embarassed to ask others if it happens to them, I have just been dealing with the pain. I just recently shared this with my wife, who after about 5 minutes of laughing so hard, she suggested I use some petroleum jelly or our 10 month old son's vaseline on those tender places. I have yet to try this but I am most certain it will work. If so, I will definitely suggest this to new runners. I'm sure it's written somewhere, I just never new.


  • Steve I have my petroleum jelly sitting on my windowsill - this is a great place to ask questions.

  • Steve,

    I've not tried the petroleum jelly but at a 10k I ran on Sunday, I did spot some runners applying vaseline to some interesting places so perhaps it does work :o)

    I too suffered from chafing but found that purpose-made running shorts (ron hill etc.) which have soft, built-in underpants don't seem to chafe.

    Once chafing has occurred Sudacrem works a treat - a tip I read (I think) in an interview with triathlon competitor Jodie Swallow.


  • Steve, also lycra is our friend :o)
  • Steve, the petroleum jelly is an essential for people running more than 4-5 miles, especially in the warm weather. The tops of the legs are what most people think of straight away, but us fellas should also remember the chest area. Having once suffered the agony of 'joggers nipple', I can tell you it hurts!!, and do not intend to suffer again.
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    Aah, it's nice to see the guys having a "guy chat" after all our sports-bras and other girly threads!
  • Dear Team

    Baz is 100% right, here's a few grim tips:

    Petroleum jelly or vaselene - personally I buy it in industrial sized tubs. Or more accurately, I get my wife to go and buy it for me in industrial sized tubs.

    For long distances / short distances if reauired, slap it on around the groin / leg area, under the front of the armpits and inside each knee if you are a lady (trust me on this). Put on much more than you think you need, all around the joint where the inner part of your shorts rubs your skin. Feels funny till it warms up.

    Nipples need special attention (!) - runners nipple is ABSOLUTE AGONY. Slap on the vaselene, or two crosses of micropore surgical tape followed by vaselene on top. P for plenty is the key. Trust me, it really hurts BAD when your nips bleed.

    Wash kit very often if you sweat - the salt beds into the material and it becomes abrasive, like a saw where it touches skin.

    Very long distance? Blob of vaselene wrapped in cling film in the pocket of your shorts - you wont like packing it, but if you need to apply it 5 miles from home, you will be glad you did!

    In a marathon once, I used an energy gel to reinforce the lubrication. It worked to a small degree. This reversal of use made me wonder if vaselene has any nutritional properties - then again, perhaps not.

    So there you go - slap it on all over.

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