Looking for Keith!

Keith - if you are out there, I have your race certificate and the results book. The race office put your name on the envelope but used my address. And I have deleted your old email so don't have your address anymore.

Email me with your address and I will forward the papers to you. Otherwise I will just tippex out your name, and pretend I ran .....

(just kidding!)



  • Psst DB, Michelle Pfffeifffer do we reckon?
  • No ways, Chimp!!!
  • Hey Amanda, I know I'm not your first choice and everything but, you know, if Keith doesn't turn up....
  • You could try the new Runners Reunited service launched today on www.badlytrainedmonkey.com . You never know it might work.

  • Shameless Starkas! Shameless!
  • I'm Keith and so's my wife!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  • You lot are a fat load of help! Thanks a bunch!
  • What's that group who sang 'looking for Linda' after a girl they met on the train? Maybe you could enlist their help and get a top 10 hit at the same time!!!
  • Just ignore this lot Amanda. Long time no see - where have you been?
  • Hue and Cry H
  • I knew there was a 'Hue'/ 'Hugh' or something but my brain kept telling me Huey Lewis???
  • Ah, Glenn - a voice of sanity!

    I've just spent about 4 months zooming around Europe sacking everyone - not good for getting much running done I must admit. And the best bit is ..... I get to make my own job redundant too! So that should give me more time to do some running. God I hate HR.

    Like the photo by the way!
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