What shorts do people wear?

Just wondering what shorts people favour, lycra, baggy etc.

I am looking to get some new shorts, not sure I would suit 'proper' running shorts as they seem very short!


  • Hi Moggo
    I wear baggies for my training runs to avoid the ridicule from my nearest and dearest, but 'proper' running shorts for races.
  • Hi moggo
    I wear general shorts and lycra ones but given im so small they always come way down.

    Forget what you look like go for what feels the best and proper shorts are the way to go.
  • lycra all the way - stops us big lads chafing
  • Yep, I don't care how I look, lycra keeps it all together ;)
  • can't say I could ever wear lycra, I always cringe in embarrasment when I see other men wearing them, never mind how embarrassed I'd be myself!

    I wear the adidas response baggy running shorts, not too baggy and not too short..
  • Lycra - mid thigh length most of the time, ankle length when it's cold.
  • A couple of pairs of Nike baggies - never had any problems with those. Still, yesterday I got myself a pair of proper running type shorts so I could at least look like a real runner on occasions :)
  • Technical baggies for the routine plods
    and proper shorts for races (you have to look like you know what you're doing!)
  • It has to be lycra. Far more modest than some of the skimpy shorts I've seen blokes wearing.
  • I wear short shorts...
    who wears short shorts?..
    I wear short shorts!..
  • I have short shorts not my favs but good if very hot and running hard

    and I had 2 pairs which look more like footy shorts longer and more comfortable

    Winter I wear lycra tights
  • Nike baggies for me too. Not too short, lined with a little pocket at the back.

    My legs are far too pale for short shorts.
  • I go naked on my treadmill......... only joking. Don't want to subject you to a picture like that in your mind
  • short-ish shorts! i.e. the ones that are about an inch longer than racing shorts and don't have the side-split thing going on.

    I do have a pair of the really short racing ones but rarely wear them as always a bit concerned that I might be showing more than intended!

    Couple of them are Nikes, one pair of Adidas Response and also some Hind shorts.

    No lycra for me except for grey leggings in the winter. Even they look a bit ridiculous on skinny legs - black is out the question!
  • BDB

    If you wore short shorts your legs wouldn't be pale!
  • lycra, as buddha says for us big boys! anything else i've tried, rubs at the top of the legs.
  • Lycra, lycra, lycra.
    Back in the pre-lycra days (this tells you I'm at least old enough to not care if people laugh at my lycra shorts!!) there was no adequate preventative measure for thigh-chafing on a long run.

    I bought a pair of lycra cycling shorts and they were so good (for cycling - I don't run with a padded backside!) that I immediately bought a couple of pairs of lycra running shorts and have never suffered theh dreaded chafing since.
  • A bit longer than very short, although my teenage daughter hates it. She hates vests as well and hates lycra even more.
  • I like my Race Ready shorts...a bit baggy, with lots of pockets.
  • Lycra is tops. Dave, there's nothing to be embarrassed about us fellas wearing it. It ain't a girlie-only thing you know. And my legs look great in full-length tights too!! And I have the photos to prove it!! Go on, try it. You won't regret it - promise!
  • Flappy shorts for me. It's perhaps slightly perverse that I enjoy wearing something that makes me feel like I'm not wearing anything...
  • Flappy too. Lycra for slightly coolr days (shorts or tights). Even the shortest shorts are much longer than those of 10 years ago.

    My fave shorts of that era were split to the waist and had a mesh inner.
  • I do like lycra 3/4 lengths, though I reserve their use for when I'm feeling a little kinky.
  • I really like my lycra shorts, but only have one pair.

    I usually wear some baggy Odlo shorts which have a key pocket on the front and 3 netted pockets at the back. Very useful for us asthmatics and gel carriers.
  • I wear running shorts in the summer and lyrca toothe knee or ankle when it's cold, depends on the weather.
  • Some nike box cut football shorts. I think I'm going to invest in some shorter running shorts though.

    It's good to see more guys in lycra - I'd like to wear them but don't have the courage just yet. Maybe when it becomes a bit more of a norm I might do it. I finally plucked up the courage to wear lycra on the bike & it was an amazing improvent once I got out of the habit of checking I was wearing shorts
  • courage?? why do you need courage??? have you got a small knob or summat???

    sorry - I don't get this courage or embarrasment thing at all.........


    FB - normal sized knob, lycra shorts, 3/4 tights, full tights, rubber butt plug etc....more lycra than you can shake a shitty stick at..........
  • just a naging feeling that most people outside the runnign community think lycra is for girls.

    I don't think I'm fast enough for lycra yet. On teh bike though it was a lot more comfortable & kept be cool - thing is, with the feel of the wind I had to keep checking hat I had something on
  • Coswallop
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