Puma Trail Fox


Has anyone tried the Puma Trail Fox? They look like a great pair of trail shoes, I just wondered if they would be suitable for road as well. All my runs are mainly off road but have small amounts of road as well.



  • HI Annabelle
    although they have only just come on sale, I have been running in them for about two months now ( I was luck enough to try a pre release sample and now have a new pair ). Although I never really use trail shoes I have ran in these and find them great.
    Littleweight and quite a slim fit but the upper provides lots of support and protection and feels very comfortable. Cushioning is similar to a racer/trainer so spot on for the trails and grip fine for the dirt paths/gravel/grass found around here in the parks and country trails - basically great for trails, but not a 'fell' shoe. Ok on roads too.
    Bad news is the runners world review got the price wrong - they are RRP £75.
    Good news is we are offering them at £66 !
    Mens are in stock now and ladies will be in next week.
    Paul - foot-traffic.co.uk
  • I like Paul...
    Paul is great...
    Paul is my friend...

    Seriously though, thanks for the heads-up on the shorts again dude
  • Thanks Paul, they sound good, I will try a pair.
  • paul,
    i do a run a week or some up the wicklow mountains here in Ireland.
    it is mostly stony trails with muddy sections of sandy muck and quiet steep up and down. Do you think these would have enough grip? mainly worried about slipping on the way down as end up going quiet fast and on my heels, was looking at the inov 8 range, but like the look of the pumas..

    I have used the pegagus trail which are grippy enough but a bit too 'cushiony'
  • Hi Dave
    well the Puma's are in the same ball park as the pegasus when it comes to the depth of the 'outsole grippiness' but neither of these are like the inov8, which are much deeper in 'grip'

    Thats the inov8 mudroc and mudclaw to which i'm referring, which are their 'grippiest' The inov8 are also a shallow midsole and pretty firm in terms of cushioning, where as like you say, the pegasus very soft. The Puma's would fall pretty much in between the two.

    Hope this helps!

  • I've got a pair and have ran in them a couple of times now and they seem really good. Nice and light and plenty of grip, not too good on wet rock though!!

    Well worth the money!!
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