Confused with schedules

I know that there have been threads about this before but I am still confused.

I have been training for the FLM since Sep form complete beginner and ran/walked my first 8.5 miler the other day in 1hr 27 min which i wes vwey please with.

I am not sure what schedule to follow as some of them seem to easy and some of them seem a bit adventerous for me. Also the schedlues say to vary your long run each week but surely if i want to build up my milage I should just be increasing by say, 1 mile a week from now on?? Also How many times should I be out there, at the moment I run 2-4 times a week, I know I should probably be out there more but i can't go on my own as I loose motivation and end up walking, whereas if I go with someone i work harder.

I am soo confused. eeeek



  • Sara

    I know how you feel about your motivation. Iwent throught the same thing last year train for the Nottingham half marathon. I found if you have a goal (i.e. raising money for charity) it makes more reason for you training. As you will not want to let the people down who have sponsored you.

    I would recommend running as often as you body allows you. Mine only allows every other day. If I run two days on the trot then I get muscle pain. If you need a partner to train with have you looked at it is a good website.

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