Brighton and Hove Athletic Club

I want to join a running club Brighton and Hove is my nearest anyone a member if so what is it like are they all scary and fast will I feel daft?


  • well they were bloody fast in the brighton 10k
    The secretary, Chris carter, seems a thoroughly nice bloke
  • I'm a member of Steyning AC (near Shoreham) which is really cool. We have all speeds and abilities. Also a walking and triathlon club, so if you decide to walk half way around the run no-one will batter an eyelid!

    I've only been a member since October. Its a relatively smal club and everyone is really friendly. Send me an email if you want more details.

  • I agree with the Hippo, seemed a nice bunch of people.
  • Is battered eyelid a continental dish?
  • Chris Carter used to hold the UK record for 800m - he ran 1:46(?) in the early 70s. They used to have a nice pub overlooking the track at the Withdean Stadium, but I don't know if it's still there.
  • The nice pub is still there but its a Beefeater now! Still the beers alright.
    As for the Club, think it probably depends on your standard and target. By reputation in the area, B&H is the more 'high powered' club. Phoenix AC and Arena 80 AC are also based in Withdean Stadium but on different nights. Arena is very friendly and slightly lower-key whilst still being very good. They have arguably the strongest women's section in the area although that may not be of interest to you Cheeky (can't tell from your nickname).
  • Located myself in Brighton area and frustrated at not really improving my times on my own I am considering joining one of these clubs as well. Although I have run a half marathon and full marathon last year I'm very much at the slower end of the scale ( 1.58 / 4.36 ) and am 'clasically' concerned that I wont meet the 'right' criteria to join the clubs.
  • Web-site links for various other Sussex clubs can be found at These should say something about the style of training and who they cater for.

    Give the Brighton clubs a go - go along one evening and you should get a good impression of the atmosphere and training. If it doesn't suit, contact one of the other clubs. Most of these, including Burgess Hill Runners (we are only a few miles up the A23) are geared up for the the less competitive runner and would welcome you. A 1.58 half would be considered very respectable.
  • Mmm...interesting - I actually work in Burgess Hill and logistically maybe better (I remember passing a few in the sussex beacon half last year). Where do they meet and when??
  • Ian - we meet Wednesday nights 7.30 at the Rugby club on Poveys Close for training, and same venue for Sunday morning long runs. Feel free to e-mail me if you want any info. about the club.
  • Thanks skip - just sent you an email but also just looked at the website (v.good).
  • thanks everyone for the response stll a bit nervous about running with other people as I have run alone since I started 3 years ago.
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