Choked up

I was talking about my training with a 'real' runner, and said I was concerned that Watford will be too soon for me; he offered to run round with me!

Talking about FLM to a non-runner who asked how I would get there, as I don't have a partner to ferry me around; he offered to take me there and back safely! Said he'd watched with his family at the finish one year and couldn't help being moved by the sight of so much human spirit.

I never cease to be amazed by simple acts of friendship, and feel quite choked up myself now.


  • thats lovely helen
    But you ARE a real runner yourself, and dont forget it
  • Aaawwww, thanks :-)
  • Helen

    You are a real runner as we all are.

    Well I am not too sure about myself but I try.

    Whatever we achieve it is a lot better than those who do nothing.

    Hope to see you at FLM.

  • lol, I'll be the one at the back, but I plan to finish

    I'm amazed sometimes by how little confidence some of you runners have. Remember a positive mind works wonders! You can run, many can't/don't so be proud of what you do. Forget pace, just think I CAN RUN!

    Sorry, no offence intended!

    I agree there's some great people out there.
  • thanks hilly
  • Danke hilly
  • Great post, Helen. I know what you mean :)
  • Is this another "girls only" thread? Can't bring myself to read the messages anymore until I know for certain.
  • David, if it is won't it just be more fun for you to lurk?? ;0)

    Helen, I'm going to FLM as support and handbag holder for a mate who has been s**t on by the bloke she was meant to go with. Let us know your number so I can keep an eye open and cheer you on! Can't wait to soak up the atmos without having to commit to 26.2m, but have a feeling I'll be after a place for next year.

    You go girl! (sorry, came over all American there)
  • I'm not that sort of person. Some blokes only start up sore nipple threads to entice the girls to make contributions, I think it's disgraceful myself.

    Does anyone else get chaffing on their inner thighs?
  • If I wear the wrong shorts I get horrendous chaffing & can hardly walk but if the shorts are lined it doesn't happen
  • Piglet, you're beautiful!
  • DavidB you make me laugh you're so saucy (said with Frankie Howard voice).

    Piglet have you been kissed by a prince or something and been transformed from your former Hammy self into lean, mean athletic human girly?

    (Hammy meant to be compliment by the way)
  • Great post Helen! Yes there are many super people out there, and a lot of them are on here although some pretend to be a bit tougher!
    And I echo the sentiments already expressed - you are definitely a real runner. I'm by no means the world's fastest, but that doesn't matter, what matters is we're out there doing it. And to all those who're not, Ja Boo Hiss.

    200 metres from the finish of a triathlon, racing side by side with another woman, suddenly two male clubmates of hers started running with her, one saying over and over 'you got her, she's a snail, just a snail' and that made me so mad, I surged and beat her! Never underestimate the power of the mind Helen.
  • Oh and I'm in FLM too - be fun to meet some forumites, I hope to.
  • Sassie and Dollie - thank you :-)) Just thought I'd show my face briefly :-)

    Ironwolf - extremely cool news!!! I hope to meet you at FLM :-)
  • Yea Piglet! I'll look forward to it. We're flying in on the Friday morning so plan to go to registration in the afternoon. Gonna wear some identification.
  • Wow piglet, you look great
  • Cool Piglet, you're first to respond to the campaign for real faces! And you look fab too.

    Helen, that your car?? (if I had one like that I wouldn't bother running anywhere...)
  • Have to add the same as the others Piglet, you look great. I expected you to look pink and piggy...
  • Thanks Benz, Laura and Helen :-) It's a bit old, that piccy - I'll have to dig out a more recent one!

    I see ER is back - exciting! Must just go and get my ER fix... :-)
  • Laura, indeed it is my motor: it's the only speedwork I'm capable of!

    I'm thinking of changing to a sexy mean and moody B&W photo of self soon as it appears to be the fashion these days! Wee P, where has your face gone, have you been snapped up by a model agency or just gone shy and modest?
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