Nike 10K

I received my start in Hyde Park with my wave starting at 10:30am, but no mention of the standard. Anyone know?

Aiming for a sub-42.


  • Not sure how they've grouped the 'waves' but I am due to start at 9.30 (also Hyde Park). I am a beginner and will be glad to get around in 90 mins! So unless there are different routes for the different waves then I'll be in danger of being lapped by the 10.30 starters!

    From my previous 5Ks the beginners/walkers have started last - not sure what is going on here (hope they've not accidentally put me in with the elites - now that would be funny!)
  • Umm, I'm not sure the waves will be very carefully put together - you can request to be put with a friend, after all...
  • Previously the waves have been down to the time you think you'll finish in .... but I can't work it out this time!! GaryT, you're way faster than I am and I'm due to start at 9.30. Who knows.
  • Gary T I've also got Hyde Park 10.30 am, but I'm aiming for around 60min to beat previous PB of 62 mins.
    there was something when I registered about saying whether you are a beginner or not I think, but I seem to remember they said choose advanced if you can run 10k already or something like that (???). maybe it goes on that?
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