Thursday session 9 Jan

A very temperate minus 9.0 degrees this morning and its only a brave man who ventures outside in such,

Today: Treadmill session, probably a relatively easy 30 minutes.
Why: Maintenance training, knee playing up again over the last two days
Last rest day: 30 Dec (Didn't manage to rest yesterday, couldn't resist a session on the rower).
Last Hard day: N/A

Maybe its the fact that I've only returned to work this week after three weeks vacation or maybe its the cold weather but I have been feeling exceptionally weary this week.


  • morning all.

    decided to test sore heel yesterday with a gentle 3mile treadmill session. it's certainly no worse so i may have another light session tonight but this time on grass, so.

    what : maybe a slow 20min run around the fields.
    why : trying to be gentle on heel
    last hard : sunday
    last rest : tuesday
  • Morning all

    What: key speed session if the paths look safe after work
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Mon
  • Molrning folks, hope you're niggles are ok paul and martin
    what - club speed session tonight
    what -feeling good
    last hard-tues mile reps
    last running rest -fri
    Have a nice day y'all
  • What: Easy recovery session on the bike
    Why: Need it.

    Last hard: Yesterday - hilly run in the snow
    Last rest: Sunday

    Hope I have got the right thread today - haven't spotted another one yet...
  • What: 6 Miles Recovery 'Dad Fartlek' [run with old man, where I have to stop watch and jog on the spot about every half mile- mile] in 38:01 [last mile done solo in 5:57, hard finish type effort].
    Why: Recovery from last nights speed session
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Monday
    Later everyone
  • What: rest day with mental imagery stuff!
    Why: ran outside last night and I was cr*p.
    preparing for vVO2 max test on Friday.
    Last Hard: Last Saturday really, unless you count the fact tat my legs wouldn't work properly last night.

    Tea calls.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What : 6 miles , middle 4 at long run pace (8mph)
    Why : Not in FLM but have two 20 mile races in Feb so am following first 10 weeks of marathon plan to top up the endurance.
    Should be ok as I've kept a long run of 13-18 miles each week going since the summer.
    Rested : Tuesday
    Hard : Yesterday
  • Morning all
    What-5 miles speed session(30.43)
    why-seriously need to get some quality speed work done.

    Very crisp morning, paths icy, but manageable. wind chill made it vey cold.

    last hard, today
    last rest, Mon
    Have a good day y'all
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Eight or nine degrees here and really, really windy. no snow, no ice.

    What: nowt. Might go to the climbing wall tonight
    Why: Decided i was better yesterday, so swam 1000 metres and did a brisk 5 miler. Wasn't very well last night, and feel s*** today. Realise tht I'm really good at giving the 'don't run if you're recovering from illness' advice but can't put it into action myself!!

    Happy training, everyone
  • What: Club night

    Can anyone give any advice on Morton's Neuroma, I have been getting pain in my 3rd and 4th toes after around an 1hrs running, can't see or feel anything, have read the article in RW.
  • Good luck with your vo2max test Barkles.

    Lizzy - runners are rubbish at taking their own sensible advice! take care.

    What: 1hr50 xcountry.
    Why: Time on my feet and managed to engineer 2 hr slot this am. Have been doing more miles on the road and feeling it, so decided to do this week's long run off road. Hard to get the balance as the tempo runs, marathon pace runs and at least half the long runs probably need to be on the road .
    Last hard: Mon. But my legs are farily slow and stiff at the moment, probably running on icy conditions doesn't help as you tense your muscles more (sulkily admits for the 2nd day running that treadmills may have some benefit...
    Last rest: Tues
    Have a good day everybody and take care with injuries WW, Martin and others.
  • Hello chums.

    What: Oh, maybe a full-throttle 5K on the treadmill, plus some gentler trots and some other gymmy things. Or I might just do a 10K road run.
    Why: None of your business!
    Hard: Saturday (Tuesday?)
    Rest: Yesterday.

  • Hi All,

    What: 3 miles on the treadmill, how do you relieve bordom on those things?
    Why: Yet again Hal and his shedules
    Hard: Sunday
    Rest: Yesterday, not well and off work so moved yesterdays session to friday and fridays rest to yesterday.
  • Tulips get someone to stand in front of you and throw things at you...
  • I know what you mean Lizzie after all a days missed training is a day you fall behind. :) it's not at all really but it's the way I feel sometimes.

    I hate being sick and missing training especially after getting in to a 6 days a week habit. But that extra day off can do wonders, I've had a couple of great results immediatly after an illness. I'd put this down to the time recoving was the same as rest days? Any other ideas on this?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hi Rob - I haven't trained properly for over a week now - I was running 6 days/40-50 a week, 2 speedwork sessions every week ... now even the thought of running for an hour seems really hard. BUT I had six months off last winter and since coming back I've been fitter and more injury free than I was before the accident. So I'm fairly relaxed about this time off - at least I'm losing that stone I said I needed to lose!

    Anyway, it's a retail theray day for me today - buying a snowboard over the internet - anyone know any good sites ...?
  • A very good morning to all!

    Well like most of the UK snow has fallen and now turning to slush and ice, so went to the treadmill as I dont really want to get any injury b4 my marathon.

    What: 10km =
    4k @ 14kph in 17.11
    4k @ 15kph 1n 16.00
    1k @ 17kph in 3.32
    1k @ 12kph in 4.57 (cool down) = 41.43

    Is it me or do you find that gyms are just so damn hot, your sweating b4 you've even started.

    Then some resistance work =
    Dumbell crurls 3 sets
    Kickbacks 3 sets
    Shoulder Raise 3 sets
    Shoulder Press 3 sets
    Lat pull down 3 sets
    Seated row 3 sets
    Leg Extention 3 sets
    Leg Curl 3 sets
    Ab crunches 3 sets
    Back extention 3 sets

    Now off to bed as in work tonight.

  • Thanks LauraL... this taking running seriously stuff is certainly tiring work.!
  • afternoon all -

    I don't know how you folks manage it running outside in this stuff - I can barely manage to walk a mile without shattering a hip or pulling a muscle. anybody know how much Zimmer frames cost? I quite fancy one of those.

    LizzyB - sorry to hear the come-back is taking it's time, but I'm sure as you say you'll be stronger afterwards.

    Laura - I'm not sure you need to be running as many miles on the road as you think. if you can avoid it, it's got to be a good thing. they don't train much on roads in Kenya and they seem to do OK.

    what: 10 miles marathon pace tempo run, 7M @ 6:15, 3M @ 6:11

    why: the Horwill method, which seems like it's finally starting to pay off

    last rest: goodness knows

    last hard day: Tuesday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Afternoon fellow nutters,

    What: Nothing - have been invited to a work meal which I can't really get out of.
    Why: I'm asking myself that exact question!
    Last hard: Tuesday - upping the training again after a slightly more relaxed two weeks over Christmas (need to get back into my 4 runs a week instead of the 3 I've been doing since Christmas!)
    Last rest: Yesterday - too icy and slippery to run, and no (safe) off-road options.
  • Afternoon

    what: 5 mile threshold run
    why: schedule says to

    last hard: Tuesday
    last rest: Monday

    Have a good one and may all your injuries heal soon.
  • First post here in quite some time

    What : short steady run
    Why : First training session in over 5 wks

  • Welcome back WW - nice to see you again

    what: nothing
    why: felt knackered last night; also bit of a calf niggle (just to the side)

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun
  • Wildwill - glad to see you back.
  • LauraL can I let you know next week re lift to Helsby, not sure what the rest of the family are doing yet, are you going on your own, was very iffy about running this, but have been out this week and done a 9 miler, so think on the day I should be ok, think I might join Mrs Fatface and a few others, you're too fast for me.
  • Achilles - tell me about the Horwill method. Will it help me reach a 42 minute 10k? (hovering around 44 minutes at the moment at my best).
  • RB -

    the wit and wisdom of Frank Horwill can be accessed here if I've done this right

    it's basically good old-fashioned "no pain-no gain" stuff which has gone out of favour these days. the essence is on lots of quality training (less on overall mileage) with quite a bit of focus on race pace as well as VO2max, and the science/logic of it seems pretty good to me. if you fancy a quality session every other day, then go for it. you need to be more than a little masochistic as well. it hurts but it works. I hope.
  • Thanks Achilles

    I am not a stranger to post-run sickness and am trying to maintain "quality" running as best I can (i.e. hard intervals, tempo runs, hill sprints etc.). Hope I don't have to do a VO2 max test though.....

    I'll try the site now.
  • You may be thanking Achilles now RB, you'll be cursing him after a few weeks of Horvill!

    Wild Will, nice to see you posting here again, welcome back.

    Witch, see how your plans go re family. I'm advocating for mine to stay home, it's not a great deal of fun for the kids to hang around Helsby for half a day. In which case there's plenty of room in my car if you want a lift. If you can run 9 miles now you'll be fine on the day, go for it!
    Mike, I'm knackered too - let's not tell Nick or he'll say we committed training suicide with our tempo runs last week!
  • Hi WW, good to hear from you. Hope you're feeling o.k.

    What: 4 x 6 mins hard, 3min recovery, warm up, cool down, on hard packed snow, still -7 out there.

    Why: scheduled
    Last hard: tonight!
    Last easy: yesterday's 10km
    Rest day: tomorrow (swimming)
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