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Hello all, As a new runner i would like to hear from anyone who can suggest the best contraption to carry water on long runs.....Cheers


  • I use a bottle that's shaped like a small oval with a hole in the middle of it. It holds a pint of water and it's easy to grip once you've got used to holding it. I had to hunt a bit for it though. I couldn't find one in any big sports shop and eventually found one in a little sports trophy shop in Aldershot.
  • Loads of online websites selling bottles - search google.co.uk under "bottle belts" for precisely that - bumbags that hold bottles. Usually links to the other bottle type mentioned. I've just ordered a Camelbak Flashflo from wiggle.co.uk - basically a bumbag that holds a Camelbak bladder with capacity of 2 standard bottles. Also cheaper than the Nathan 2 bottle carrier. Also has capacity for odds and ends.
  • I bought a High 5 bottle belt from the Flora Marathon show last year, It had a big bottle (750ml)and lots of elasticated hoops in which to carry the gel bars.So did so many thousand other people as thats all I saw on the day.
  • I got a Nathan 2 carrier- best thing i bought ! very comfie fit around the waste-and 2 good sized bottles for the all important fluid.
  • Must admit got a bit fed up with carrying them...and finding the water warm in the summer and frozen in the winter...I just pop some money in my running shorts and stop off at the nearest corner shop every 45 mins or so on a long run (steer well clear of the supermarkets)...adds a few minutes to the time at the end and not strictly constant running, but does sort of replicate running conditions (ie the scrum at the drink stations) and gives a short break mid run to recharge the batteries...and the shop keepers have got used to me now so I don't usually need to ask for what I want!!! Also gives you the option of a sport drink or water without having to carry both...I find the gels a bit too sweet for me!
  • You can buy the water bottles that Roger Jones mentioned above from branches of The Sweat Shop. They come in two or three different sizes.
  • many thanks.........!
  • I've been experimenting with various options - carrying the stuff, buying on route, popping into pubs etc

    My preferred solution remains a self-propelled, cycle-mounted, water carrier which I've named AquaJog 2000 (or "child")

    PS Don't event thinking of trying out the teenage version ; 10 year olds not at all bad though...

  • I've got a Polar bottle belt which suits me very well. I imagine you can get them via the website - can't remember the URL but just type Polar and HRM into Google.
  • old father tim, sadly I feel that it might take me 10 years and 9months to get my aquajog as well trained as yours.
    Do you hire out your models by chance???
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