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Do a lot of spinning for cross training. Thought I'd buy some shoes for it instead of wrecking my trainers - got a fab deal on some Carnac Ellipses but I am not technically minded and I need to put some inserts in and then an SPD cleat. Anyone able to help with an idiots guide to how to do this? Chap in the shop kindly showed me but it was all too much to take in and now I'm stuck. I seem to have an insert for SPD centre distance and an SPD cleat but I have lots of bits (some of which might be duplication) and frankly I don't even know which way up to put the cleat. Really really don't want to have to mortify myself by going back to the shop. Any assistance gratefully received.


  • Hi!
    First question - Are you sure the spinning bikes have clipless pedals. All the ones I've ever used have toe straps.

    Second - SPD cleats have a two bolt fixing so your shoe should have two slots in the sole, running front to back. The insert should go behind this with one bolt hole lined up with each slot. The cleat then lines up with the two bolt holes and you put the bolts through from the outside. The cleat should have the end that is more triangular to the front.

    I've just checked my shoes and my inserts have four bolt holes (to allow for additional adjustment) but only two holes are used.

    If you're still having problems, e-mail me :-)
  • mister W thank you! Success. I could remember the bit about putting the bit with holes behind the initial insert but it really was the cleat itself that flummoxed me. The shoes seem to have nothing on the sole to start with so that they are compatible with anything and you just buy the insert you want. Beyond me. Anyway, I've been in to the gym, sneaked into spinning studio and checked they do work. Admittedly I have to clip the shoes onto the pedals then get on the bike and put my feet into the shoes but hey, I'll just need to get there early!
  • never seen a spinning bike with SPD's........whatever next.............but don't understand why you have to put your shoes onto the pedals first. with SPD's you should be able to climb on and clip in with just a small amount of pressure
  • Some gyms have doublesided pedals - clips one side and SPD's the other.

    I think La Santa was like that ?

    Not sure why you need to put the shoes in the pedals first though ?

    I did get a pair of shimano shoes for spinning with, but was too much of a faff to take them with me as I run to and from the gym.
  • it's cos I have no co-ordination! and at least if I crouch down and put the things on that way then I can see what I am trying to do.
  • Get's easy with pracitce. If you're doing spinning at Holmes Place and get Bonkers (Scott) as an instructor then have fun. He also teaches me swimming.
  • I do go to HP in Ed. But Paul's classes on a Tues night are my staple. They're great! used to go to them in Bannatynes too. If you see me struggling with the shoes please help!
  • I'm not a member...I only go there when Edinburgh TRi do spinning in the winter...Can't afford the huge membership fees.
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