hip injury

have been for a long run today and had to end up walking half way home. Had a terrible pain right inside my hip, that then sent a pain at that base of my spine/bottom of my pelvis, and aslo affected the outer muscle of my upper leg and knee.Have been experiencing this for a couple of weeks now but today was really bad. Im due to run in the agreat North Run next week but dont know if I should. what does anyone think? how can I get this sorted?


  • Hi Kim

    I sympathise with you. I have been getting the same sort of pain on and off for several weeks now. I've been to the Physio a couple of times and he said its coming from my back. I have a rotated pelvis (whatever that is). So he did some manipulation and gave me some strengthening excercises to do and it eased off till I did a 10 mile run earlier this week. Now the pain's back so I've made another appointment for Wednesday. I am supposed to be running at Windsor in 2 weeks so I want to get it fixed by then if possible. I would suggest you get yourself to a physiotherapist as soon as possible.
    Good luck.
  • thanks for that.Did the great north run in the end in 1hr 55mins. could have gone a bit faster but there were too many runners (as you might guess!!?)my hip was fine, infact I felt like I was flying at 6 miles, but then on 10 miles the old hip started going again so had to slow down quite a bit.I went to a physio and had all the usual massages but I think I may have a touch of arthritis in my old bones! Im 42 but feel I may need to be put out to graze! Cant ever imagine a life without running as Ive been doing it for quite a few years now. thanks for getting back to me anyway.
  • I too have hip and groin pain and shin pain in the opposite leg - it is driving me mad. I can't even run for 10 minutes without being in agony. I have spent a fortune on chiropractors, sports massage, podiatrists etc. I can't bear the thought of giving up, can't imagine my life without running.
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