Neck Pain

I have a pain in the neck just where the neck joins the skull, Just where there seems to be the litle holedent...
It feels like someone is squeezing the neck.

I have been doing neck stretches before i run and when i have finished. The side to side ones and where you rotate the head round and round. But it doesn't seem to help.

Is this due to running, as i seem to look at the ground when i am running.

Any ideas??




  • Nic, your posture has to be the prime suspect. Look at your reflection as you run past shop windows or in the mirror at the gym. If your head is pushed forward on your neck and your eyes are pointing floorwards, your neck ligaments aren't going to like it.

    Neck pain can result from any biomechanical problem, but if the villain was a verucca or a sore knee or a wrongly-laced running shoe, you'd know about it (although not necessarily link it to your sore neck).

    If it is due to your running position, you'll need to think consciously about your posture and work at keeping your body upright, shoulders out of your ears, and eyes trained on a spot several metres ahead of you.

    Of course, it may have nothing to do with running. Many irritating neckaches are caused by badly-designed (or wrongly used) computer workstations, slouching on a sofa or armchair that lacks proper back and head support (you never fall asleep lying on the sofa with your head on the arm, do you, Nic? Not even after a few pints?) and tension in the muscles due to psychological stress.

    Neck flexion and extension exercises are worthwhile. There's less rationale for the side-to-side extensions (rotating slowly from one side to the other with your chin up is more useful) and none at all for rotating your head round and round. A vision of the only scene from The Exorcist that I have ever seen comes to mind, but I know what you mean.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • V-Rap,
    I do work on a laptop all day, and do tent to slouch or chin in one hand posture. So i will try and correct my posture ( as i sit up straight whilst typing this). Also i do tend to read laying flat on the floor . So maybe i need to think about my posture all round.
    Thanks for the advise V-Rap

  • i had similar problem when i first took up running. Was getting a lot of neck pain and trapped nerves causing severe pain across shoulder blades. Was advised to corrst posture, shoulder back and relaxed down, head up looking forward and pretend like there is a helium balloon pulling your chest up and out. Worked a treat, had no pain since and made me much more aware of my posture throughout the day too.
  • I have developed a stiff neck with stretched muscles on one side of my neck and up the back of the neck. What is the best treatment
  • Nic
    Is your head actually tilted forward when you look at the ground (some runners cast their eyes downward but keep the head neutral). If it is then imagine your neck extensor muscles (which pull your head backwards) are always in a stretched position when you run, meaning that they are literally asking to be strained. Couple this with the constant jolting of running, plus the constant pulling of the weight of your head (which is actually heavier than most people appreciate) and you have a prime recipe for injury to these muscles or the tendons at either end of them.
    Try to adjust your running posture by focussing on something ahead of you at eye-level and see if this does the trick.
  • p.s another culprit to add to those already mentioned by V-rap - too many pillows in bed.
    This seemed to be the cause of my own neck problems as, when I reduced them to just one pillow meaning my spine was kept neutral, the problem cleared up.
  • Thanks for the advice. I am working on posture and also exercising the neck by keeping my chin in, standing up straight and turning my head from side to side to its full extension. I have also bought a tempura - pillow which is surprisingly comfortable. The movement is much better though not yet perfect.
  • I've upped my mileage in the last week and I've had a really achy neck since day two. It almost feels as though my head is too heavy for my neck to support it.

    Yesterday when I ran (on the treadmill) I didn't want to look down at the numbers (they never go up quickly enough!) so I looked slightly upwards at a light for the last twenty minutes or so - and my neck doesn't feel so bad today. Could this have helped it or is it just a fluke?
  • It probably helped although ideally you'd be better off looking straight ahead.

    A towel covering the treadmill display can help to keep your eye off the seemingly eternally slow numbers!!!
  • I had a c5/c6 fusion in Feb (of this year).  Prior to that I was training for a half marathon.  I want to start running again, but my neck hurts when I walk, any suggestions?  My surgeon just tells me to keep walking.  (I won't do it because it hurts, and the pinched nerve, although was 'unpinched' after the surgery, still causes my left arm to hurt when I walk).

    I need to get back on the road!!!!!!!

  • I havecactrapped nerve in my neck..... But I gave a running group to take even though it is very painful all the time I need to run will this make it worse 

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