Running with wrist weights?

Hi everyone :)

Im a new runner, I havent been running long as i normally go to the gym.

However I have got a place in the FLM 2006.. (running for tommy's).. and i was wondering what you think of running with wristweights on? I am so used to weight training at the gym that i really miss all the exercise on my arms... will running with wrist weights hinder my running at all, and the natural swing of my arms?

I say this cause i went jogging last night and it was CONSIDERABLY easier without the weights!

Thank you runnersworld members!

Claire Lou x


  • The only concern I'd have is if that if it makes running much harder you wont run as far and so you wont get as much out of your training - better to run without them and then do a few weights afterwards I'd have thought.
  • I would say a definite no. Carrying extra weights will cause an imbalance and could easily lead to injury.

    I suggest that when you're marathon training you use the gym for upper body stuff and the runner will take care of the rest of you.
  • Yeah I will do that. Just trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone really, haha. Always looking for the quick and easy options :P

    Ill have to buy some weights for my living room then in that case..

    Cheers :)
  • Can I just be really girly and say how grateful I am for all your help, I run on my own and I have noone else to talk to about training so I really appreciate this!

    Claire x
  • Isn't there a local club you could join?
  • I have absolutely no idea you know. I never see anyone out running here (wolverhampton).. maybe i need to post another thread begging for running pals round here!

    Its not my motivation that I find difficult, its just all the technical stuff.
  • Claire - there are probably some of us near to you. Come along and join us at some of the build up races for the FLM, and we even have socials where we just drink and forget to mention running at all.
  • Yeah i am planning to do a few 10k's and 10 mile runs in the buildup, mainly in the South actually as I am in london every weekend. would be much more fun to meet up with people for it.... I shall start posting on here more to get to know some of the members, and join some of the socials!

    What a friendly place :) youve made me feel a lot more positive about things, thank you.
  • Friday 30th September, Doggetts Pub, Blackfriars Bridge, London.

    If you are lucky some freaks will be trying on Lycra Tri Kit
  • ahhh i am in Dublin that weekend!!! darnit...
  • Claire

    You'll find running in company far easier, more fun and a lot safer than on your own, especially in the dark nights.

    Try (clubs zone)
  • thank you ook! I shall try that.

    You lot are saints!
  • Wholly pointless because they start to work under their own momentum.

    Good luck with your running.
  • Claire - as part of your FLM training you may want to do a 20 mile race. There's a great one in Glos in March, I travel up (from Devon) to do it every year, quite a few forumites to meet there too.
  • shades- yeah i have got my training schedule right up to the day of the marathon and some of my weekends nearer the time involve 18 mile and 20 mile runs.. so i will definitely join in some of those.

    Im starting off small though, first step- a 10k in november!
  • Look forward to meeting you at a race sometime.

    If you have any problems with your training you will find plenty of help from the forumites here.
  • Any runners wanna give me advice or just general chat by the way, add me to your msn or hotmail...
  • That's another good reason for being in a club - you will hopefully gain lots of support and advice from experienced runners of all abilities.
  • Claire, there's loads of clubs in Wolverhampton, My sister runs with one called sedgley ladies - If you see Liz Patterson 2 on the forum ask her as well as she's another Wolverhamton person.

    Cant give you any more info as I run for Telford clubs, and I'm sure you woulndt want to drive 25 miles just to get here!
  • Thanks dude. Im right north wolves though, almost on the m54, so sedgley is miles from me, in fact telford is nearer!

    ill have to have a look on google... see if i come up with something!
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