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  • Hi all,

    Thought I'd pop in and invite you all to join the Million Miles Marathon thread in the Clubhouse forum. You might find it's worth it...
  • hi everyone,

    i'm running the London marathon 07 in aid of VICTA (visually impaired children taking action), all the money that VICTA receives is from runners and other sponsered events, and all money goes to the charity.

    Please sponser me, my web page is...

    nicky's sponser page
  • Hiya, I'm running the Flora London marathon 2007 and raising much needed funds for Little Havens hospice in Essex.
    Please take a minute to visit my page and make a donation.


  • Hiya, I'm running the Flora London marathon 2007 and raising much needed funds for Little Havens hospice in Essex.
    Please take a minute to visit my page and make a donation.

  • Hi Y'all.

    Virgin at the FLM next year, and I will be running on behalf of the Meningitis Trust.

    Having suffered with meningitis as a child, this is a charity very close to my heart, so any donations towards my target would be appreciated!

    Thanks and good luck one and all!

  • Hi Y'all.

    Virgin at the FLM next year, and I will be running on behalf of the Meningitis Trust.


    Having suffered with meningitis as a child, this is a charity very close to my heart, so any donations towards my target would be appreciated!

    Thanks and good luck one and all!

  • By six degrees of seperation, it would be fair to say that we all know someone with, or affected by, cancer.As a Nurse for almost 20 years, I've seen my fair share of sadness and grief.
    When it gets down to just two degrees of seperation, the devastating effects of this disease can be seen far too clearly.

    THAT'S why I'm using my place in next years FLM to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Please do all you can, either by sponsoring me or anyone else running for this charity, or running for them yourself.

    Doing it for Jen, and praying she'll still be here in April.

  • Its fab that all you great people have done so much good for others!! Well done!

    Every day in the UK, 6 teenagers will be told the devasting news that they have cancer. At a time when their life is about to really bloom they have to dea with all that cancer brings.

    The Teenage Cancer Trust helps these kids and their families and by being treated in a unit specific to teenagers their chances of recovery improve by 15%.

    FLM 07 will be my first marathon which I'm running in memory of Andrew and Claire - two 15 year olds who died of cancer.

    Please sponsor me or if you can't, pass my details onto someone who can.

    Thank you very, very much! x


  • After a break of a few years I've decided to run FLM again in 2007 and will be running for SENSE - the National Deafblind and Rubella Association.

    If anyone out there would like to sponsor me I'd be seriously grateful!! As the saying goes 'every penny helps'.

    Many thanks. ;o)
  • Hi All!

    After suffering 4 miscarriages (my most recent one happened in September), I am running the FLM for the Miscarriage Association. Its a fantastic charity who have helped me and so many families through a really tough time which often goes unrecognised. If anyone out there would like to sponsor me, i would be so eternally grateful.

    You can sponsor me online at www.justgiving.com/monicasmarathon

    Thank you so very much in adavance
    Monica xx
  • Hi All - I had a serious quad bike accident in 1997; at one point I was told I would never walk without sticks; but nine years and fourteen operations later I am going to realise my dream and run the Flora London Marathon. My chosen charity is The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association; this is a fantastic charity which provides mobility to blind and partially sighted people. Having been in a position where I couldn't easily get out about on my own, I really can appreiciate the benefits a dog must give to someone who maybe housebound.

    Just shut your eyes and try to get around just doing everyday things; how would you pop to the shops or the pub and how would you know if someone else was in a room with you? A Guide Dog helps to break down some of these barriers.

    So if you would like to sponsor me, please visit my webpage at www.justgiving.com/LynOwen and thank you so much.

    Lyn XXXX
  • Hi all,
    I am running the FLM for teh first time this year and really need some help. If anyone would like to help me raise money for "Save the Rhino", every penny is greatly apreciated.
    Help me run my first marathon :).




  • I am running the FLM 07 for the first time for Macmillan Cancer support

    Following a painful loss of my grandparents through cancer several years ago I have become dedicated in supporting and raising money for similar charity's. Though never thought I would actually be taking part in a marathon to do so !

    My Father In Law Roy was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphona, a form of Cancer 2 years ago, and it hit the whole family pretty hard, especially as he always maintained a fit and healthy lifestyle, following on from his professional footballing days.

    Roy has recently undergone stem cell treatment, which will help reduce the cancer and enable him to have a better quality of life.

    Taking part in the London Marathon on the 22nd April for such a worthy cause is such a privilege. I know im going to suffer before an after, but its going to be nothing compared to what our Family and friends have suffered.

    You Can sponsor me online at

    Thanks Amy
  • Running for Kidney Reasearch as my wife has had Kidney desease since she was 2 years old. Not very good at begging so if you want to sponsor me it would be much appreciated! :)

  • I'm running London in April for HELP THE HOSPICES - the UK hospice charity.

    I'd absolutely love it if you logged onto my justgiving site and donated £1. If everyone who reads this does that - we can make a real difference to hospice care in the UK.

    Who honestly wants to be in hospital anyway? For people with terminal illnesses, hospices offer a more comfortable, personal and pleasant alternative to hospital care. And then there is the support and care they offer families too. But hospices aren't part of the NHS, and they rely on raising hundreds of thousands of pounds in charitable donations each year.

    I'm going to run 26.2 miles - all you have to do is give me a quid! You can do it!


  • Im a double leg amputee that is looking for a 4hour marathon time for my first FLM(ran New York Marathon in 4.09). I have ran 4 marathons(2 for Macmillian)NYC x2 Snowdonia and Two Oceans Cape Town SA and 1 Ultra Marathon.
    Im looking fo a running Buddy for the race!you will already need an entry!
    Just need someone to talk to in the race and help with getting water from the busy water stations.
    Can anybody help?

    Richard Whitehead

    my website below and an article about my story
    www.inspiredtorun.co.uk/2006/06/12/believe/(feel free to comment on this story)
  • I am running for two charities this year. Children with Leukaemia as a few years ago I thought my youngest son had the disease. Luckily for us it wasnt but now I support CwL for the work that they do in looking for new and better treatments and the support they give to families.
    you can support me here.

    And also I am raising money for the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal (Bristol Children's Hospital) as a friend recently lost her granddaughter at the hospital and 4 years ago another friend lost their baby son to a heart condition.
    and here

    thank you for taking time to read this
  • Hi!

    What a great idea. I am running my first ever marathon this year so would appreciate any help at all! I am running for AMREF (African medical research foundation) www.amref.org.uk. The reason that I am running for this charity is that I have been lucky enough to meet someone who has been born and bred in this country and has benefitted enormously from the work of this charity. Not only do they provide emergency assistance but they aim to improve things for the future with sustainable projects.


    Please help if you can! Many thanks

  • I am running the London Marathon in aid of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as my 14 year old cousin Nicole was diagnosed with CF shortly after birth and is one of the 7500 babies, children and young adults living with CF in the UK. The average life expectancy is just 31 years old.

    Nicole is truly marvellous, she has daily treatments of physio and medication, numerous trips to hospital for check ups and the occasional stay in hospital for IV’s and yet she isn’t fazed by this. She is positively unique, inspiring and a wonderfully charismatic individual who has an astounding affect on everyone she meets. Nicole dreams of being a dancer or an actress and I want to raise money to help CF Trust to continue the excellent work into research, family support, clinical support, gene therapy etc to help find a cure and help Nicole to live her dreams. I want to assist in giving her and the many other people living with CF the best possible chance to see off CF.

  • I am running FLM for St. Francis Hospice which is a truly special place which provides specialist care for patients with cancer and life-limiting illnesses and their families.

    My then father-in-law was given continuing care throughout the final stages of his illness in 2005, aged only 54- the staff really were amazing, and the hospice does a wonderful job in caring for those who unfortunately dont pull through, and also their families and friends in those dark days. This really really means a lot to me

    Saint Francis Hospice cares for more than 1,400 patients and their families each year

    There are 22 in-patient beds for people needing pain and symptom control, respite or continuing care
    Our day hospice welcomes up to 17 patients each day
    At any one time up to 200 patients and their carers will be supported in their own homes by our team of 7 community nurses
    Hospice at home nurses give hands on nursing care to patients who wish to remain in their own homes during the final days of their illness
    The hospice provides ongoing education for staff and others working in healthcare 100 staff, 850 volunteers and thousands of supporters are needed if we are to continue to give vital services and care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Please help me help them....

    every penny counts and they rely just on donations, thank u all lots xxxxx
  • (oh yeah- and thats the address on my name thingy there, cant sort the linky things out....)


  • I'm running FLM for The Ellenor Foundation, a very small charity based in Dartford, Kent. They care for terminally ill adults and children and their families. They were a huge support to my family when my uncle had cancer and after his death.


    Thank you.
  • Hi folks.
    I am running for the Lords Taveners this year to raise funds for my 10 year old grandson who has acute Autism. The only problem is that on race day I have to work erecting the clocks around the course and at the start/finsh areas so look for the old boy (61) at the back who will be knackered before mile 3. Have no fear I will get to mile 26.2. All help appreciated. www.justgiving.com/johnkingsgate
  • I am running for a charity called Headway which supports people who have suffered brain injuries, and also helps to conduct research into the cause and prevention of such injuries.

    My dad died a few years ago from a sudden brain aneurysm and to this day we do not know why. He had been to the doctor a few days before complaining of a migraine and got told by the doctor that we was being silly and paranoid. I would hope that, had he survived, Headway and similar charities would have been on hand to help.

    Any sponsorship would be much appreciated. Even if you don't wish to sponsor me, please log on to www.headway.org.uk to find out more about the charity

    My fundraising page is:


    Many thanks
  • Hi,

    I don't have a fantastic pitch. I just, like many other people, want to ensure I raise the target for our charity (me & other half are running together). All the different charities do fantastic work & are equally worthy.

    Pls have a look at http://www.justgiving.com/millie-mitten Any amount, even £1, from as many people as possible goes a long way.

    Thanks :-)
  • Hi All,

    As with everybody else, no big Statement's No fuss.

    I've made it easy for you!!

    Running the London 10k July 1st 2007
    & Bristol Half Marathon September 9th 2007

    Any Amount would be great!!

  • First person to email me who is running FLM for a LUNG CANCER related charity gets £20 from me.
  • www.justgiving.com/ludwigsen07

    Over a year ago I started running for no particular reason and ended up running the Hamburg Marathon. This year I have an entry to the Flora London Marathon and I am running to raise money again for the Breast Cancer Haven in London.

    The Haven has literally been a "Haven" for my wife Réagan. They have been incredibly supportive to help her cope with fighting a very aggressive breast cancer. We are both very grateful to The Haven for the opportunity to make use of the wonderful complimentary therapies and support systems for the past two years.
    Therefore, I would like to continue doing my share in making it possible for others to use this Charity, by aiming to stay under 4 hours this time.

    The sub 4 hour challenge

    As I haven't succeeded to run a Marathon under 4 hours yet, I am aiming to break this magical mark in London. So why don't you consider pledging to double your sponsorship money should I succeed in staying under 4 hours. E.g.: pledge £10 for me to get sub 4 hours and only pay £5 if I miss my goal. What a bargain, don't you think?

    Many thanks for your support.


  • Phew! A lot of worthy charities there.

    If it gets just one sponsor then it will be worth it, so here goes:

    I am running my first marathon which is going to be the Edinburgh Marathon on the 27th May. This is also a special date to me as it is my BIRTHDAY. I must be mad!

    The charity I am running for is our local Deaf school which my mother went to when she was younger. All the money will go directly to the school.

    For more info on all the great work they do go to - http://www.rsdcm.org.uk/

    My just giving fundraising site is - http://www.justgiving.com/davejeff

    Thanks greatly for any donations you can make.

  • www.justgiving.com/Andrew_Garnham

    Im running the FLM so am asking you to help me raise some money for my charity
    The National Blind Childrens Society.A very small charity but but a good one.Any amount would be nice £1.00 to 100000.

    Thanks for reading this please donate to my charity.

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