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  • www.justgiving.com/martinpearce

    So many deserving causes.

    My good friend recently lost his unborn baby at 23 weeks. The Royal United Hospital in Bath were great, even paying for the service. To see such a small coffin is something that stays in the mind.

    They need a dual incubator, as they dont have one and the NHS cant afford one. Hopefully my fundraising will do its small bit towards buying this piece of kit.

    Bath Half is in 2 weeks!
  • Calling all (South) Essex girls and boys.
    No none of the St. Luke's runners will be wearing white stilettos or carrying handbags but we would all be grateful for sponsorship for Basildon and Thurrock's No. 1 Hospice! At least two of the staff (Lynn and Sandra) are running this year, as well as some volunteers and other local supporters of this great cause. We will all be wearing red t-shirts with our names on the front and 'St. Luke's Hospice Basildon & Thurrock on the back, so give us all a mighty cheer when you see us. Better still give us your dosh!
    Any enquiries can be made to the fundraising office on 01268 524973.
    Many thanks
  • I'm running this years FLM in aid of Save the Rhino International. At the turn of the 19th century there were approximately one million rhinos, today there are fewer than 19,000. If you think these stats are shocking please help me to raise money by visiting my page below:

  • I'm running the FLM in a month's time for the Central London branch of the Samaritans. The Samaritans offer confidential, non-judgemental, emotional support to anyone who contacts them. The London branch is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is staffed entirely by volunteers. Please take a moment to visit my sponsorship page and donate whatever you can afford. Thank you for your time. Sarah X

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm doing FLM this year for a charity called DELTA.

    They are a very small charity, that help deaf children and their familes by teaching them to listen and talk.


    I've raised over £110 by going out on the streets collecting, and have another collection day coming up soon.

    Training hasn't gone quite to plan due to injury, but I am determined to complete the marathon, even if I have to walk it.

    Please help if you are able to. It is much appreciated.


    Thank you.

    Arty x
  • Hi all like minded nutters

    I am running FLM for Action Medical Research who are currently funding research to help sick and vulnerable babies obtain better care.


    Not completely on track with training due to injury, but am determined to finish.

    I need to raise £1500 please help if at all possible:)

    Thank you so much

    Nikki x

  • www.bmycharity.com/v2/darrenhughes

    On the 22nd April I will be making my second attempt at the London Marathon to raise money for a very worthwhile charity called Childhood First.

    Childhood First successfully provide specialist therapeutic residential care, treatment and education for some of Britain's most vulnerable and emotionally disturbed children and young people – those who are suffering the consequences of neglect, deprivation and emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

    You can find out more by visiting their website:-


    Please support me by helping to contribute towards my sponsorship target of £1500 by visiting my website:-


    Every penny raised will help to encourage me during the final few weeks of training and the marathon itself. It will also help Childhood First to continue their vital work.


  • Less than 4 weeks to go, i can barely believe it. Hope my legs are ready they just to say got me through 20 miler on sunday, i needed a quick kip as soon as i got in. Don't suppose if anyone knows if there will be a bed at the 20m mark. I am raising for Asthma Uk in memory of my lovely nephew check my page out on

  • 26 days to go, and I have been back running for nearly a week, after 6 weeks out with knee ligament injuries!! So London is going to be the biggest challenge of my life yet. But I will be there, as by completing the 26.4 miles I will be raising over £1200 for PhabKids. For more information on me and my training check out www.teamasics.co.uk and click on rachel stainer.

    And if anyone can spare just a few pennies to help the cause, then please please check out:

    Thankyou, and good luck everyone for the 22nd April!!
    Rachel x
  • When she was just 6 years old Sophie, my cousin, was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

    Sophie’s treatment was long, difficult and 100s of miles away from home. CLIC provided accommodation within walking distance of the hospital enabling her parents to live close by and support each other.

    Sophie didn't survive her illness but her quality of life was the best it could be during that period and made better by the involvement of CLIC and that is why I am taking on the biggest challenge of my running life, sponsor me at:

  • After several years of rejection from the ballot I have been granted a charity place with the Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC) in the 2007 London marathon. When a friend told me that it was important to pick a charity that I feel strongly about, ARC was the natural choice for me. Arthritis has effected my family over several generations and has been treated with hip replacement operations (six to date and counting…. my father is next!) and anti-inflammatory drugs. In fact, my great-grandmother had one of the first pioneering hip replacement operations developed by Sir John Charnley in Greater Manchester. The operations have changed the lives of my family, they may no longer be able to play tennis or run, but they can still walk and turn door handle. They have a better quality of life than would have been possible without research and education that ARC funds.

    For more information and to sponsor me, please visit my fundraising site at:


  • I'm running for Help the Hospices. Its in memeory of Ingrid Samuels my sister and little Tilly, who passed away this Friday 23/03/07 aged 8.

    David Go to www.justgiving.com/davidlang
  • Hi everyone,

    I am running for the Matt Hampson Trust, Matt is a remarkable young man who was cut down in his prime. He was playing rugby for Leicester Tigers and had also played for the England U-21 team whilst he was only 19. Unfortunately 2 years ago he suffered a horiffic accident whilst training with the England squad. This has left him totally paralysed from the neck down and he is reliant on a ventilator to help him breathe.

    I will be running FLM whilst dressed as the Leicester Tigers club mascot. I am aiming to finish under 3:30. If you would like to help me raise £100,000 for the trust you could check out my website at http://www.tonythetiger.me.uk Thank you for reading this far and I hope you enjoy the website. Good luck to you if you are running :-)))
  • www.justgiving.com/tarida

    Hi all

    I'm running my first Flora London Marathon this year to raise money for Macmillan Cancer. Over the past year or two I have had several family members and friends suffer from cancer, many of whom have had great support from Macmillan. Two family members are still receiving treatment as we speak.

    It is the sheer fact that I may be able to help a little more that will assist me in paving the streets of London in four weeks time, please help me to do that.

    Oh, and I will be wearing the green Macmillan wig so if you see me, that will be my thanks to you.

    Cheers and Good luck to all who are taking part.
  • Hello fellow FLM runners,

    I'm running for Breast Cancer Care. It's a disease which, unless detected early enough, has the potential to devastate lives. My mum had the disease last year - I was with her when she received the diagnosis and will never ever forget that day.

    Breast Cancer Care provides a lot of information and stresses the importance of breast awareness and early detection. As mum's surgeon said, if he knew what caused this disease, he would be a millionaire.. unfortunately the reasons are still unknown. Therefore I am doing this for mum and all the other ladies (and men) who have been affected by Breast Cancer. Mum was lucky as it was detected relatively early. But not everyone knows that even a slight wrinkling of skin on or around the breast or an inverted nipple can be a sign of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Care highlights this but needs support to help spread the word.

    Check out http://www.justgiving.com/pritika

    There's a picture of me and the lovely Jamie Redknapp on it!!!

    Good luck to everyone running this years' FLM. So many good causes are going to benefit..
  • Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

    Hi forumites,

    I'm not only a Flora first-timer, but new to the forum thread pages.

    For my first attempt at FLM, I have been training hard with the hope of getting under 4 hours, but suspect I may end up 5 or 10 mins over, if predictions are right at the moment.

    So please, help spur me to go a bit faster and achieve my goal as well as raise some cash for the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance who have helped saved so many peoples lives.

    Please, please log onto www.justgiving.com/Helendoeslondon

    Thank you very much.
  • My sister was a fit and healthy 35-year-old mother of two. She went to bed one night and was found the next morning by her husband having died of a heart condition she didn't know she had. She left her husband and two young children (an 8-year-old daughter and a 7-month-old baby son).

    The heart condition she had was hereditary and conditions like these kill up to 8 young people a week in the UK. With heart screening, her death could have been prevented.

    I am running the London Marathon for Cardiac Risk in the Young, which supports bereaved families, supports national screening programmes and funds medical research to help detect the genes responsible.

    Please sponsor me in memory of my sister Jane.


    Thanks very much
  • Less than four weeks until the big day and I’m on my way to reaching my fundraising target of £1,500, thanks in part to those who attended my ‘Love Crisis’ Valentine’s fundraising party last month.

    However, there’s still some way to go, and so I bring you… The Great Chocolate Pub Quiz!

    Event: The Great Chocolate Pub Quiz
    Date: Thursday 5 April
    Time: 6.30pm (for a 7pm start) ‘til late
    Venue: Upstairs at Urban Bar, 176 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 1BJ - across the road from Whitechapel tube station (Hammersmith & City / District Line).

    I’m hosting a pub quiz to raise some more cash for homelessness charity Crisis. It’s on the day before the Good Friday Bank Holiday, so no work the next day for many of us.

    We have exclusive hire of the upstairs room at Urban Bar (more of a pub than a bar really) and our own private bar. You can’t miss it – the outside of the building is painted in an orange ‘tiger’ print.

    And don’t be put off by the location – Whitechapel is only one stop from Aldgate East, so it’s practically in the city and the bar is extremely nice. Sorry, no free drinks but there will be some crisps and snacks on the tables.

    The winning team will get a round of chocolate Easter eggs and there will be chocolate-themed spot prizes throughout the night (all donated).

    There will also be a sweepstake on the night if you wish to take part.

    Buying a ticket:
    It’s £5 per person to take part and every penny of this will go straight to Crisis. We have room for six teams of six people. You can sign up for a full team or, if there are fewer than six of you, we’ll put you with some others to make a full team.

    1. Visit my fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/nicolamiller and make a secure online payment of £5 (more if you like!) direct to Crisis.
    2. When you are prompted to leave a message, make sure you write ‘Chocolate Pub Quiz’ so that I know you want to come (rather than just make a donation).
    3. When you arrive on the night, head upstairs to join the quiz in time for a 7pm start. No tickets will be issued.
    4. If you are buying places for more than one person i.e. to be in a quiz team with you, please make the appropriate multiple payments and include their names (email me if this is easier).

    1. Pay me (cash only) on the night
    2. You’ll need to email me in advance with your name and anybody else you’ll be bringing along and I’ll assign you to a team if there are fewer than six of you.

    Thanks – hopefully see some RW forum members there!

  • www.justgiving.com/mornahill

    Hi everyone,

    My first forum post and my first marathon! I'm running the FLM 2007 to raise money for Save the Rhino (can you guess what they do?). Through their rhino conservation work Save the Rhino also help to save large tracts of habitat together with co-dependent species.

    So...if you like rhinos, or if you like animals or people that live near rhinos then please spare a few minutes to sponsor me!

    Good luck to eveyone running the FLM,
  • I think it's worth bumping this one.

    I'm 'running' for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Basically, I had breast cancer last year at 31, bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, using muscles pulled through from my back and implants.

    People say how unlucky it was, but I feel lucky, tbh. Simply because it was caught (after a mammogram, two ultrasounds and to needle biopsies that didn't show anything, I eventually had a surgical biopsy which showed the cancer).

    And I want other women to have the same sort of luck that I've had, which sounds sort of odd, but obviously I mean if they've got the cancer in the first place!

    I hope they don't get the mrsa that I got though! That's the reason I'm 'doing' the FLM rather than running it. I had my final operation late October, and my plastic surgeon says no to running, squash, parachute jumping, kickboxing and golf.

    But hey, I've started back at the squash, and once the FLM is done, I'm starting back with the golf. So a vereeee slow FLM it is.

    If anybody would like to sponsor me (and I'd be sooooo grateful!), my website it www.justgiving.com/nykiesrun

    Thanks people :o)
  • Obviously I was a bit optimistic when i called my site nykiesrun ;o)
  • http://www.bmycharity.com/gazpac

    'Village Homes for The Village People' I thought it said. Great! Helping the band that brought us 'YMCA' to settle into rural life has got to be worth a pledge or two.

    Actually it's 'for Village People' - there is no 'The' in it. Oops! Well that's even better. Housing is ridiculously expensive in this country and people are being forced out of their communities into unsuitable overcrowded accommodation. To help build sustainable communities it's vital that people can afford to live in them. The Rural Housing Trust help provide affordable housing in villages. It costs more to develop in rural areas but the Government don't take this into account when providing a subsidy - hence the need to raise money through other means.

    It's not cute or cuddly but it does deserve support (as do the cute and cuddly ones). Thank you

  • My friend Karen has multiple sclerosis & is "running…walking…limping" the Flora London Marathon to raise money for the MS Society.

    She's brave, crazy, & needs support!

    If you see her please say hello.
    Send her a message of support via her website - which includes a blog - at http://karenfundraising.googlepages.com
    Sponsor her there or at http://www.justgiving.com/CroydonKaren

    Thanks, Anna
  • I,m running the FLM for Zoe,s place which is a Baby Hospice
    They look after special babies with life limiting conditions and also give support and help to their families

    Please have a look at www.justgiving.com/kenandjack

    And see why i,m spotty dog.

    You can also see Zoe,s place on their web site
    Thanks Spotty Dog


    * On 27th May 2007, I will be running Edinburgh Marathon to raise funds for ‘Friends of Antara UK’, whilst in a home-made costume as my childhood hero 'Superted' and accompanied by a rather embarrassed-looking friend 'Spotty'.

    * Antara is a non-governmental organisation working to provide mental healthcare, accessible to disadvantaged groups, in Northern India. It offers services to men, women and children across West Bengal, and other parts of India or Bangladesh, including, general and psychiatric care, drug and alcohol addiction services and community health promotion.

    * ‘Friends of Antara UK’ supports the work of Antara by raising awareness, fundraising, volunteering with Antara and fostering research or international cooperation to improve mental healthcare in India. Friends of Antara UK is completely volunteer-run, mostly by students & young people.

    * Mental Healthcare for Children in India: A pioneering service.
    In September 2002 Friends of ANTARA UK started an appeal to create a comprehensive service for children. There are very few mental health facilities for children from poor backgrounds, the streets, orphanages or other institutions in Northern India and the pressures of social stigma and poverty can lead some families to abandon their ill child.

    To date over £40,000 has been raised by volunteers in the UK and these funds have helped create:
    - A special 16-bed inpatient ward for children
    - A children’s outpatients department
    - A tubewell, wash-house, new beds, and other projects.

    Through these facilities Antara's Child Health Team of Psychologists, psychiatrists, nursing staff, social workers and specialist paediatricians provide assessments, family and child therapies, medical support, counselling & school or vocational training.

    * Preventing childhood mental illness and disability.
    By running this Marathon we are hoping to provide equipment for the new Child Outpatient Department (newly built with UK funds). In addition funds will be used to help set up a ‘Safe Motherhood and Child Survival’ programme ensuring safe pregnancies, childhood nutrition and immunizations in 500 families from below the poverty line, to prevent mental illness and learning disabilities.

    Please sponsor me to complete the Edinburgh Marathon - please email me through the site for address for cheques etc (sorry, we don't use Justgiving etc as it's not cost-effective for a small charity).

    Friends of Antara UK is a small charity, run by volunteers (I'm a trustee), and whilst it's often harder to raise funds for mental health and overseas charities, it's a cause very close to my heart, both personally, and as a career (I'm an undergrad Psychology student). Please consider sponsoring us to take part in this Marathon, wear some very silly home-made costumes, and help many children affected by poverty and illness in India – THANK YOU so much.

    ‘Friends of Antara UK’ is currently seeking registration with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. 100% of your donation will be used to support Antara, registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961, Mental Health Act 1987 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.
  • Hi everybody!!

    I'm running my first marathon at Berlin on 30th September.
    I have run half marathons before but have to decided to challenge myself to the full one. Will be hard work but I'm determined!

    I am running for the MS Society as it is a charity that means a lot to me as my mum has suffered with MS. She has always been there for me and my sister and shes very special to me.

    So, please have a look at my website at- www.justgiving.com/littleroadrunner

    Thankyou. xxx

    Luv Laura
  • My daughter Christina are doing the Great North Run on September 30th for the Stroke Association. My fater died two years ago from a stroke related illness. We are hoping to raise £380.

    Any donations would be gratefully received to: http://www.justgiving.com/wendyscott
  • O.k, i maybe not running a Marothon (well not this year anyway!) But i am running the Race For Life on the 10th June 2007 (just over a week away!)

    I'm aiming to raise £150, so far i think i've raised about £24 & i'm running out of people to ask!

    This race is very important to me as i lost my nan in 1991 to cancer, my other nan beat Bowel cancer & is still going strong at 76, unfortunatley she lost her brother to cancer last year, & just over 2 weeks ago i lost my Grandad to Lung cancer. So i really am running for my grandparents.

    If anyone could spare a £1 or anything at all, i would be forever grateful, you can sponsor me at:


    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi
    I'm running my very first marathon in Stockholm, running for Cancer Research UK.

    I'm trying to raise as much as possible given that it is my first one, and this charity is particularly important to me.

    I have been running a sweepstake with a prize on my justgiving site, so if anyone would like to enter that would be so great. I've had quite a few entries so far but I would really like to try and hit the £200 mark somehow. I would really any donations you can spare.

    my sponsor page is:


    thanks for your kindness

  • Hi,
    I'm running the Great South Run in Portsmouth in October for Cancer Research. My mum is currently going through chemo for ovarian cancer and I wanted to try to give something back to the fab doctors and nurses who have been helping her. Hopefully we will find a cure and noone will have to go through this awful disease. Mum is fighting and doing really well even though she is not too happy about being bald. Keep fighting mum you can beat it and for anyone else out there suffering don't let it beat you!!
    My sponsor page if you would like to sponsor me is
    Thanks everyone and good luck for your running!!

    Tracy xxx
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