New Years Resulutions

Good tips on your article but please be sympathetic to those of us who work with demanding people all week. I am a doctor who also has responsibility for training. I talk with people all week and I can't wait to get out running on my own to have a little peace and quiet.


  • Yeah lay off the poor guy! (who ever you are) If he wants to run alone then thats jolly well up to him!
  • (BBB, you get his bag)

    Martin, old love, how are you?

    Come and have a seat.

    Fancy a coffee?

    Who exactly are you, er, talking to?

    Just asking.

    I'm Chimp by the way if you ever fancy a chat, or not as the case may be.
  • You guys make me laugh - he's replying to the article you nutters!
  • Thats as maybe Cath, but I cant help feeling that he's wandered into the froums in error.

    This being the case, who better to welcome him than two of the more sensible, mature forumites aka BBB and yours truly.
  • LMAO!! Okay Chimp, if you say so.

    Pssst! Martin... run away. Quick!
  • Cath...if a strange man in a sarong asked me to come and have a chat and a coffee I think I'd run away. However as its chimp I'd certainly consider the offer away quickly!
  • This was in response to an article, please see top of thread....If one clicks on the article link, a new thread is started. RW is ALWAYS banging on about, "Get a runninmg partner." "Get a running partner." I don't want a ****** running partnet!
  • I don't want a partnet either....

    sorry. I'm like that.
  • feel guilty now...Martin comes along for support and I take the ... rise... sorry mate. running partner not mandatory. Run mostly alone, but very so often the right partner can inspire you to greater things.

  • Well if you ever change your mind Martin...............
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