accupuncture for piriformis

Has any had accupunture to cure piriformis syndrome ( pain in the bum ). Or is there any alternative treatment ?


  • Have you tried the tennis ball treatment?
  • seems sorta ironic considering it can give you pins and needles due to sciatica ;o)

    try googling piriformis stretch - they might help as well
  • By coincidence had physio yesterday from one specialising in sports injuries. I originally went with a tear in my hamstring, but when I tried running it brought on my piriformis. He gave me stretches for both injuries, but also used acupuncture needles which stopped the muscle spasm that had been casusing the pain. I had similar treatment from another physio 2 years ago so it is obviously an accepted part of treatment. Don't know how effective acupuncture only would be as the stretches were an important part of treatment.
  • I had it last week, and have had it before.
    My own area of pain is so small, normal manipulation is difficult to reach and be consistent.
    Accupuncture certainly hits the spot - god you know about it !! and as part of stretching routine, i think its benefitial.
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