Whiplash & Running

I am having craniosacral therapy for bad whiplash I gained in a snowboarding accident a couple of years ago. I am feeling a lot better and want to get back into running again (I haven't ran properly since a 1/2 marathon in June and then a handful of 5 and 10k easy runs - zilch for the past 3 weeks). Is it best to wait until the end of my treatment (my next session is not for another 2 weeks and then I may need another) or should I risk going out now?


  • I suffered a milder case of whiplash back in May. Doctor said running was OK, so started again. Everything was OK until during a 5k race about a month later I started getting neck pains running up even gentle slopes (training around here is dead flat).

    If you are still under treatment, no matter how you feel now, then wait. I wished later I hadn't raced. Wait until your next session and ask about running then. Plus you don't know if running could affect the treatment.
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