RaKuWa Titanium Necklaces

Has anyone tried either the normal or sports variety?



  • not tried the necklace but got some of the phiten e-water at an expo.

    my husband had sore calves after a run (he'd only just started running) and the sales women noticed he was hobbling around a bit and offered him a sample. the effect was pretty instant and he felt he was able to walk a lot more freely. nether of us are great believers in this type of thing but it certainly worked for him.

    i used it during marathon trainign and think it might have helped a bit but nothing as dramatic. never sure about these things...
  • To quote:

    "Titanium is a safe, hypo-allergenic metal used widely in the fields of medicine and sport. It is used in products varying from the heads of golf clubs to replacement hip joints."

    This is correct - due mainly to its non reactive properties (it is very stable, and doesn't chemically leach into the bloodstream like other metals would, or corrode under 'body conditions' (i.e. inside you))

    "This light metal has the ability to regulate imbalances in the body's natural electrical current (bioelectricity) through a process called cell ionization. Cell ionization balances out the electricity in the cell so that, similiar to a battery, one end is positive and one end is negatively charged. This is the natural state of the body but can be disrupted in modern life by:

    Toxins in food

    Air pollution


    Electrical equipment


    Cell ionization combats these effects and also produces heat. This heat enables muscle tissue to relax, so as well as warming the extremeties of the body it further reduces pain and swelling in affected areas."

    Dubious at best.

    "Before titanium can perform this function, it has to be Phild processed, a secret unique to Phiten."

    The bit where it all gets very suspect.

    One of their links (hidden away at the bottom of the page): http://www.metacog.co.uk/images/hiw note.pdf

    Says basically there has been no objective scientific testing done of it, meaning that they can say what they want for PR, and get away with it even if it's bollocks/not true.

    Saying that, the stuff isn't too expensive, and looks pretty cool, so hell, why not.

  • Quack quack quack quack!
  • I've worn a titanium ring for years, erm, with no apparent difference.

    Tee hee hee DG !
  • I can sell you some snake oil, going cheap.

    (But given its strength qualities, perhaps FatFace could do with a titanium ring. Ahem.)
  • Though, there is a testimonial from the Saltires, Scotland's national cricket team.

    With backing like that, can you afford NOT to get one?
  • Scotland _have_ a cricket team?
  • Of course! They were going to play the ozzies during the break of the ashes at their home ground.

    But were rained off...
  • Doubtless the Aussies heaved a sigh of relief.
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