Rotterdam 2006



  • Consistent trainer? Thats me to a T (!!)

    .............. I'll be dropping straight off the bottom as soon as we get past May 31st.

  • 14.1 km/hr I think (8.8 mph)
  • Yesterday the run just didn't happen because I was busy and today was a planned rest day before my LR. Usually run with mrs a on a Fri PM but we were both busy so it just didn't happen. It is a bit of a shock to the system image
  • Wow - 14.1 - that is really rather fast to keep up for 26 miles!

    Although you could see it that I have to keep up my (slower) pace for much longer (timewise)! 

    Do you have an aim for pace for the ultrs distances? Or is it just more about getting to the finish?!

  • I did DD which is 32.2 miles but very hilly in 4:20 last year which I think was 8:15 pace. So as a rough target hoping that sub 4:45 should be doable for 35 at Draycote.
  • Evening

    I still have sore ribs - snot fair!!

  • Morning all

    <gives Maddy's ribs a gentle squeeze>
  • OOOWWWWW!!  meany
  • Still sore then? image' />
  • <makes quick getaway to get ready for LR before retaliation is inbound>

  • mwah ha ha - time to set up revenge for when paul gets back
  • Morning.

    I've had such a lovely lie in this morning. image 

    Legs aren't sore either which is great, athough they do feel tired. I hope I haven't understimated my friend's running pace, she might be leaving me behind on our run later. 

  • Is Paul not back yet?............. Maybe he's scared to enter the thread with Maddy's revenge waiting for him!
  • Paul is afraid I am going to kick his TBIL image
  • Morning Han!

    Is it the hilly bike ride today? 

  • Two days without running... make that 8 for me...

     I have completely lost my running mojo to be honest, while I have great desire to be out on the bike. It is a lovely sunny day here in Exeter, but I have an eforced rest day because of my 50 mile cycling test tomorrow... Wished I was out on the bike right now... booohooo! I bet it is sleet and wind again tomorrow for my test and on Monday, to stop me going out for a run...

     I have a 14-ish miles MM orienteering type event on three weeks... and I feel grosly unfit for it... My ankle just isn't healing. I reckon I will have to accept the fact that it never will and that my running days are over image I can't bear the slowness and the unbalance of the ankle on the descents. It is CRAP with a capital C! Thank God I have my bikes and soon a flash new carbon road bike, as well as a track bike I hope image

  • snigger - got some tips from Mrs a and Hanneke
  • More bike bling hannke - maybe you should get someone to rid up some sort of pully and rack system in the chapel for bikes  - you have the height for it
  • Sorry to hear the ankle is still being a pain Han.

    Good news about new bikes though, that the advantage of biking.... there's so much more to buy. A new bike is a lot more shiny and pretty than a pair of trainers! 

  • I wouldn't worry about your running mojo while your cycling one is running so high and you have such high potential in that.  i know some of the fell runners were worried about you as well but to do both to the absolute best that you can would be difficult.  Having said that why not do teh 14 miler and enjoy it as cross training
  • <peeks around thread door>

    20.05 miles done, bit quicker than planned but hopefully not too much in the way of overexertion. Didn't take on enough fluid or fuel though - bit disappointed with my run management, especially as I had mrs a offering plenty of each throughout.

    Sorry to hear about the ankle H, hopefully your running days aren't over.
  • 1 run and a move of 31 places up the league...............NICE.
  • BANZAAAIIIIIII!!!!!  image
  • < JUMPS >
  • I will do the 14 miler, however, it is a team thing and I am doing it with T, so he may just get frustrated with my lack of speed...

    Maddy however is right, mike biking mojo is extremely high and that is all that matters image

  • Mind you, the advantage is that when I do eventualy run I will shoot up the running league. I am currently quite high in the cycling league, but once I start training properly I will shoot up a lot more I reckon and will be in the top 5... There are some serious cyclists on Fetch, mainly triathletes...
  • Good to see the ribs are feeling better then Maddy. Not very sporting though, jumping out on a poor energy depleted athlete who has just run 20 miles.
  • Whaddyamean - only chance I would have of catching you image
  • Paul - trying to get us to feel sorry for you is just not going to work...

    I'm back in with TWO shoe boxes of shiny  new trainers. image

    A gleaming white pair of Brooks that I'm going to try to keep that way, using them for the treadmill and road running in the dry! Plus a pair of Saucony trail shoes so that I can grip a bit better in the mud (and Paul doesn't tell me off for muddy trainers). Ooh and 3 pairs of running socks too. I wanted gloves as well but the only ones they had in my size were the lumnious yellow ones and I hated them. 

  • It was definitely a recovery outing to Harewood this afternoon. We set of at a half decent pace but then walked pretty much every hill ( and there are a fair few in Harewood!). It was beautiful sunshine and blue skies though and it was only to show my friend the possibilites in the area. Its all still miles for the log though.

    I might even have some energy left for a short bit of mountain biking tomorrow - weather dependent.

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