Rotterdam 2006



  • Sounds like an excellent shopping spree Phys image

     Well, I am going to make a cup of rooibos and then to bed, to be fit for my cycling test tomorrow... wibble!!!

  • Morning all
  • Morning

    Excellent shopping trip phys

    I have splurged and put credi ton my phone so I will pedal further afield

  • Crediton is in Devon, should be a decent distance on a bike.
  • imageimage - good thing i was planning being out til Wednesday then isn't it
  • Leisurely start here, mrs a and I are heading out for a 7 miler recovery run later.
  • I am now thinking sod the ribs so long as I don't try tempo running it might not be so bad - but bike today
  •  Leisurely start for me too. A short moutain bike ride planned for later. 

    Enjoy your bike ride Maddy. 

    I hope Han's getting on OK with her bike challenge.

  • Hope so too, H will do well.

    7 miles done with a slightly hung over mrs a who nows feels a whole lot better. 200 up for the month and a few more days to come.
  • Have you cleaned your new running shoes yet phys?
  • Cleaned them? I've not even taken them out of the box yet. They're sitting there shining so I can show them to people!

    Just been on a very muddy off road ride. A couple of hours but we didn't get that far due to the mud. It was hard work, but fun, and we managed to miss the one big rain shower that there was today. 

  • Well done to MrsA for running with a hangover. Things are getting serious!
  • Just waiting to get picked up to go out for an early dinner. Not on a date, before you get excited, just a group of friends.  I have a quandary though. I made a banana bread due to having dodgy bananas and eggs that were about to go off. I put it in the oven 1hr 10 mins ago, and have just checked it as told by the recipe. And the inside is still practically liquid! But I'm going out.....  Do I lower the temperature and leave it hoping we won't be too long, or switch it off and finish it later.... ? I think it might sink if I do the latter... but burn if I do the former! Erm..... !
  • Lower the temperature right down and leave it I reckon.
  • Dodgy bananas and unfresh eggs.......sounds very appealing.
  • LOL Phys, I hope you don't have a charred brick for a banana bread now image

     Well, Maddy can be proud of me... I rode very well, fulfilling what she thought a fair few years ago already: that I am a bit good on a bike image

     I rode a 45ish mile hilly circuit in 2.24.20... That was about half an hour faster than my coach was expecting and one hell of a lot faster than the fastest woman who has ever ridden on that course... apparently, it is the course of a 50 mile TT race... ahum... I would have won it, so they say...

    Defo national standard now and my main race for the season is... hold your breaths, ro rather, don't: the National Road Race Championship... where, wibble, double wibble, I will be racing the likes of Nicole Cooke, now that is well scary!!!

  • On that note, I am going to Cooke some food image

     Oh and running is more or less out of the question this year, but... the ankle should be up to it again come September, when the road racing season dwindles and when it is time to use my cycling fotness and covert it back into mountain running fitness for the Everest Marathon on 5 December...

  • Outstanding Hanneke really fabulous news  imageimageimage
  • Well I hope Nicole Cooke washes her hair before she races next time.
  • I am bouncing all over the place image image image

    Mind you, I will be heavy legged on the track tomorrow, but hey ho! image

  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭

    Well done deserve it after all your anlkle troubles image

    When is the National road race championship?

  • 27 June Fifi and thanks image Not sure where yet though...

     I must say, being able to ride a bike well makes well up for the frustration that are my ankle ligaments image

  • Mind you, T was pointing out to me only yesterday that I have not been on my wobble board for weeks... hmmm, bad!
  • Can you play Two Little Boys on your wobble board H?
  • image

    < kicks Paul hard in his TBIL >

  • It was about time you got one Paul, it has been ages since you were last kicked or slapped and hyou have been getting away with it image
  • Ouch


    Wow! That is an amazing result. Racing in the National Championships then hey? Pretty impressive. Who cares that you can't run at the moment?! 

  • My friends were actually a bit late and I decided to turn the oven off but leave the banana bread in. And I now have a near perfect loaf image

    Paul - the eggs aren't unfresh, just got too many too eat before the best before date.... and everyone knows that you have to have dodgy bananas for banana bread!

    Any, for insulting my baking you won't be getting any.... any one else is welcome.

  • That is a relief.
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