Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me

Its been a whole year today since I started running and I’ve come a long way (well, a few hundred miles anyway). I’ve lost a bit of weight, got a bit quicker and started wearing shorts and vests in public. I’ve even discovered the joys of getting cold and wet and muddy that completely escaped me in cross-country at school.

So, the real point to this post is that I want to say thanks to all the people who post on here for the invaluable advice, support and motivation that has kept me going for the last year.

So cheers and best wishes to you all.

(any birthday gifts gratefully received….)


  • My gift to you is a response to your posting.
  • i will endeavour to keep inspiring you in the year to come.
  • Well done for sticking at it a whole year.

    Does it get any easier now your no longer a newbie?
  • thanks CR, you shouldn't have, and so well wrapped...

    cheers candy, you're far too kind

    I think so stump, but then you just keep pushing yourself a bit harder, or running up bigger hills or something. Its great to get to the point where four 5-mile runs in a week is an easy week. a year ago that would have been about as likely as me climbing everest in just my socks.
  • I aim to please!

    I know what you mean though, I only started properly running in January (although my fitness wasn't bad as I played football) - and 8 months later, I've ran a marathon and several half marathons. And now a 7 mile run is just a stroll in the park when this time last year it caused achy legs for days!

    Well done us (if I may say so myself).....!

    As for climbing Everest in your socks, perhaps that could be your next challenge?
  • Good for you, Loki! Congrats! New pair of shoes on order yet? ;)
  • My present to you:

    The wish that you don't suffer a recurring injury for at least 12 months.
  • CR - maybe my challenge after next...

    thanks moomoo, still prevaricating on the shoes. I think I want the 2100s.

    cheers Jon, after knackering my foot being stupid I'm going back to my extreme injury paranoia and just being ultra careful again.
  • Always the way, innit... Ultra careful for me too! I'm planning a whole 3 months without any sign of pain ;D
  • yeah, as far as I'm concerned this is a long term project and I'd much rather be running and improving slowly than trying to rush things and ending up sitting around with something else hurting
  • Congratulations!

    On the shorts and vests thing it's probably ok to wear them for running now.

    On the mud thing.......can I watch next time?
  • Hee hee, typical JB!
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