Big Toe Nail Problem!

I'm running NY marathon in 6.6 weeks and after a nightmare of a 20 mile training run last week my big toe nail is now half off.

I've lost many toe nails in the past before, but usually after a marathon!!

Problem is, I need to keep training. my toe nail is still firmly attatched to the skin at the bottom, but not under the nail - where there is no new nail either, just a big hole!

Has anyone got any advice on how to get this nail off? I;ve tried pulling it, but its so painful!!

Any tips?


  • Never had one fall off before.

    Damaged one as a student and that had to come off.

    whisky and pliers. made a right mess.

    get someone to look it over rather than do anything rash!
  • Cut off absolutely as much as you can so it doesn't catch on your sock, & put lots of plasters over the area when you run. Apply antiseptic regularly to prevent infections. In a few weeks it will be looser & you will be able to pull it off - the skin under the ex-toenail will have hardened up in that time too.
  • I put surgical tape over my absent nails to protect them when I run as it's less bulky than a plaster but I bought some new shoes at the weekend and after 11 comfy miles last night, I think I might finally be back on the road to beautiful toes!
  • No more pulling it! Tape down during runs and let the rest work itself away naturally. I am missing one at the moment. Had to snip it off in the end as it was literally still attached by a millimetre. But please, no more pulling!
  • Thanks guys, I'll try the tape and leave it then, as that seems the favourite thing to do.
    I'm hoping that I might be able to do 15 tomorrow, and I'll turn back if it hurts. Maybe by then, it may have helped it work away!!
  • My big toe nail is only attached down one side after marathon in April. Is growing out slowly, new nail is about one third of the way up the nail bed so far. I guess eventiually it will have to come off because it won't have enough attached nail to stay on, but so far hasn't given me any problems.

    It's a great party trick to gross out small children though!!
  • yyeuch
    tape over it till its ready to come off
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