inside lower leg mystery

Since last June I have had pain (off and on) on the inside of my lower leg, about 4/5 inches up from the ankle. Although it feels like something is tearing and is sometimes hard to walk on (especially when cold) if I massage the area it is very specific and small (about 2/3 inches long the bone(not ON the bone))
It comes on at the beginning of a run then subsides as I get warm, but when I stop, the real pain starts. This has begun to hang around for days.

I am having physio and he reckons it is a problem with a nerve running from my lower back down to my ankle. (called the saffron something possibly??)

Since physio the problem is actually getting worse. As I am having my lower back massaged I am now getting back aches as well.

I do motion exercises, use lots of ice and do yoga, but still nothing.

Does anyone out there know more than me? Has anyone had a similar problem or can recommend different treatment, say acupunture etc.
I live in the Cardiff area.

Thanks, Rachel


  • Was it the sciatic nerve?

    Not sure what to suggest - if you're seeing a physio you've got someone who knows a lot more about these things than me.
  • My mistake - the sciatic nerve goes on into the foot, I think the one you mean is the saphenous nerve.
  • yes, thats the one!
    Do you know anything about this kind of injury?
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