Get back on that horse..

lucky devils who recorded PBs at BB - most of ya's...would have enjoyed this

this aft, i was out there doin a 10 K, 7 K of which is round the first 5 miles of the BB half.

it takes in the from the school down past the stag (to the lowest part of the course)..and then from there up all the hills(nice) up to the sponge station where the leaders overtook me on sunday.

urgh - still not easy. legs like lead and a messed up head too. and guess what that is my bloody mara training course this winter. imagine confronting your wost run every time you go out for a long one....

still, i missed DW overtaking me up abbey lane



  • WWR,

    Just think how character building this whole exercise is. You'll come out of this mentally stronger, a goliath! Nothing will stop you! You will conquer the world!!! a bit carried away there...

    ...but you know there's a grain of truth there.

    All the best,

  • you must come down one sunday in feb and do a 15-er round the beeches if there's no races on.....
  • Wolf,

    Didn't know I had overtaken you along Abbey Lane. My brain must have been fried by then!!!

    RB is right though - confronting the scene of one of your worst race's will rebuild you! Do the race next year, run a PB and the spectres will be laid to rest forever!!!

    Good stuff.

  • WWR

    Its a very scenic route, I wouldn't mind having it locally.

    Next year you'll know the route so well you'll be smiling us you run past us all

    Give us a shout in your Feb run is open to all.

    How you doing with your picture
  • Feb run OK by me. Let me know nearer the time and I'll be glad to come along. Maybe we could make it a bit of an event.

    Now it's on the forum, it's kind of hard not to have it open to all, wouldn't you say???

    All the best,

  • even better idea.

    what we'll try to do is to find a weekend in feb when there are no other runs in the M40 corridor and then get something posted on the forum.

    i can pull together a 15 mile run through BB if you thought that that was picturesque enough.

    the only problem would be that judging by my times, the course leaders would need very clear direction or else they would get lost forever.

    but if you know of other routes...
  • Nice idea.

    We could have a forum runners' day...

    ...with beer afterwards of course!!!
  • I like the idea of this. A special Runners Forum race.

    Snoop you could try reinventing the North v South battle
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