every step you take.......

same race again, XC 5km,

i now need to know how to section it, hoping(realistically) to stick in at least the top 15 of my agegroup. beginnning middle and end, how should i break it down to run it up?

answers on a postcrd to here......or you can just post a reply if oyu so wish.

thanks in advance Phil


  • The way I've always done my 5Ks (not X/C) - need to know where the mile markers are/would be (more or less):
    Beginning (first mile) - get yourself where you want to be in terms of position - preferably via a more even-paced effort than those who rushed off at the outset
    Middle (second mile) - hang on in there - bit of tailgating if necessary.
    End (last mile) - try to pick the pace up & push on if at all possible. No-one should be passing you at this stage.
  • of course the last part is a bit more than 1 mile - but I do actually tend to break the race up mentally into three "thirds" as described.
    The approach of a 5K runner of modest attainment.....
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