Friday session 10 Jan

Another eye-wateringly cold day in Germany minus 11 degrees this morning.

Didn't manage last nights session as feeling decidedly under the weather - worn out and snivvely. Possibly a consequence of the really cold weather or returning to work after three weeks off.

I tend to take three weeks off at Christmas every year and then am hugely depressed when I return to work. So this week I've mostly been having fantasies about throwing it all in, growing a long beard and spending my remaining days mending dry stone walls on some remote scottish island ............ then MrsH reminds me that I promised her a new kitchen this year and of course there's the kids school fees

I digress...

Today : Short sharp run on treadmill (as its cold outside), possibly plus some cross training (rowing)
Why: Make up for yesterdays impromptu rest.
Last rest day: Yesterday
Last hard day: N/A


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all! 4 degrees here.

    MartinH - take the kids to the croft with you and train them to be shepherds. Promise your wife a new Aga when she moves to the croft. See? Problem solved.

    What: Er, not much. Still a bit poorly but I have doctors appointment this afternoon (if I'm unlucky, in Icelandic) to get some drugs so hopefully I'll be on the mend soon. Might trot round for 20 minutes in one of the many new pairs of trining shoes I bought when I was in the UK...
  • Martin, it's OK to become a crofter, but growing a beard as well would be taking things too far.
    Lizzy, sounds like you need some drugs...hope you're better soon.

    Fantastic day here, wish I was on the fells. But instead:
    What: nothing, except maybe a quick bike ride at lunchtime to try out my new speedometer, the idea being to measure my running routes without wasting petrol (feels wrong).
    Why: A bit tired this week, have got first xcountry race tomorrow and am dreading it. I've never raced for the club before and know I'm the slowest in the team and only there to make up the numbers. Prefer to compete against myself rather than others but hey, I sense that's not the right spirit!
    Last hard: Mon night.
    Last rest: Tues
  • Goodness me 50+ posts on training thread yesterday and I missed out - you are all dedicated.

    LizzyB, you are suffering for that inane decision to collect shellfish from downriver of the London sewage outfall aren't you. Hope you are beginning to feel better. Good luck with the foreign doc conversations, I have a story about someone (male) who got a freind to write a note to the doctor in Korean, the Doc burst out laughing when receiving the request to cut off the offending article! Watch what you say..

    Training: oh yes....last night was gym/static bike to rehab calf muscle - went OK

    What Today: more of the same
    why:: more of the same
    last rest: wed
    last hard day: sun race

    Depressing when you read that men for the ministry do recovery runs at you 10k PB race pace (and faster). Achilles you know who you are, but if I can ever run again I might look up Mr Horwill....
  • Morning all

    What-rest day
    why-cos I have the day off, and gonna enjoy it!!!!!!!!
    last hard-yesterday
    last rest-mon

    Might go swimming later-new pool opened in next town on mon, so gonna take Mrs LL and do something I havent done for years..swim that is...haven't swum seriously for about 15 yrs, so dont hold your breath for a load of lenghts
  • 2 degrees and rising in Surrey. All that snow will be gone soon.

    What: 8 miles fartlek to work.
    Why: Haven’t run since Tuesday, cycled through the snow to work last two days and decided to brave the snow and ice. Didn’t slip once!
    Last hard: Sunday, 10 mile race.
    Last rest: Monday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    LizzyB good luck with the x-c, you are not 'just making up the numbers'.
    I did a x-c last weekend as a guest (not affiliated) some clubs didn't have enough to finish the team event so your participation is vital. (and they must be flippin' quick if you're the slowest - you ain't no slouch!)

    I digress , was supposed to do 6 miles in around 45 minutes last night ie steady marathon pace, however skipping over the snow and ice I took 2-3 minutes of my 6 mile loop pb and finished in 41something.
    Well chuffed sub 7 min/miling and I didn't think I was caning it....(Maybe the winter off road running has truly strengthened me...)

    I digress again ,
    What : 6miles easy
    Why : yesterdays effort and doing the 12 mile long run tomorrow instead of Sunday (wine tasting party Sat night, no chance of seeing Sunday morning)
    Last hard : yesterday I guess
    Last Rest : Tuesday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    That should be good luck LAURA with the x-c,
    good luck Lizzy at the doc's

    too many posts - my brain hurts already.....
  • Hi all, good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

    What: 35 mins tempo on the treadmill
    Why: was supposed to do it wednesday but swopped for friday

    Godzilla - I'll try that tonight, I'm sure I can persuade someone to chuck things at me
  • Rest day today. Went out with club last night 8 x 30 sec. sprints, 30 sec walk, 2 x 1 miles sprints, what a difference from my other club, structured training programme given out last night, hills and intervals next week, oh joy. Have signed up with trainer from club for 1 to 1 training till next contract starts, thats running, swimming and maybe cycling, have I completely lost my marbles now.
  • Good morning all, 4 degrees and rising in East Herts.

    What: Easy 4 miles tonight as running XC on Sunday.

    Last Rest: Wednesday

    Last Hard: Well semi hard - 5 mile steady with 2x1 mile at 5:40pm average pace included.
  • Good monring all!!!

    Just got back from my first run in double figures and I feel great.

    What: 12 Miles
    Why: Marathon Schedule Says so!

    Last hard: Today
    Last rest: Yesterday.

  • well done longlegs
  • Rest day today - going swimming and sauna tonight instead.

    Last hard: Yesterday 4 x 6mins, 3min recovery in deep snow and -6 temps.

    Long run: Sunday

    MartinH - still colder down there in Schwarzwald than with us.
  • Hello folks. Well done on your various efforts.

    What: Very gentle 3 mile or so.
    Why: Went for a flat-out 5-mile on the treadmill last night, and I'm racing on Sunday.
    Hard: Last night was pretty hard.
    Rest: Wednesday.

    Good weekends, everyone.
  • What: Tempo run, just a short one
    Why: It's Friday

    Last hard: Wednesday hills
    Last rest: Sunday

    Achilles, if you're there - 2 mile intervals with 90 seconds rest?! I reckon Horwill's schedule for a fast 10k probably does work if you can just survive the training....
  • morning, folks -

    the snow's almost melted, yippee. did I mention I hate this weather?

    sfh legs - yes a spot of Horwill is just the ticket for a nice gentle rehabilitation. hope you get there soon.

    Laura - you'll be great tomorrow, just think of all that mud and cold and pain, just your idea of fun.

    Runner Bean - yes, he's not a great one for leisurely recoveries, or leisurely anything come to that. but his crazy ideas worked for a chap called Coe apparently, so there might be something in it after all. enjoy!

    what: 6 miles recovery @ av. 6:50 pace, then lower body weights
    why: an easy day was called for
    last rest: no sorry, don't do that anymore
    last hard day: yesterday
  • Ironwolf - I think you might have placed me slightly incorrectly geograpically which I think is due to my having referred to the "Feldberg" some time ago. Actually, there is more than one Feldberg in Germany and I live on the one which is about 35 km north-west of Frankfurt (I actually live in a village called Glashütten-Schloßborn).

    Nevertheless is still bloody cold here! At the moment were about minus 6 to minus 7 in Frankfurt but usually 4-5 degree colder where I live.

    Where are you?
  • Hi all,

    what: GYM : rowing 2000m, chest press 20x20k, leg press 20x55k, biceps 20x4k...
    Last rest: today
    Last hard: yesterday

    Lovely sunny day today!
    Happy Running.
  • Hello All,

    What: Rest day
    Why: Scheduled
    Last Rest: Today
    Last hard: yesterdays hill reps 10 x 40 secs up hill, running back for recoveries
    Next Long: 11 miles Sun
  • Hi All,

    What: 4is
    Why: Because I want to!
    Last Rest: Tuesday
    Last Hard: Last night
    Next Long: Sunday

    Happy running to everybody (am feeling all happy and jolly today can u tell?)
  • That's 4ish by the way!
  • Quite mild up here!!
    what -45 min aerobiking &40 mins weights
    why -cross train day
    last hard-last nights track session (800s +100s odd i know but that what coach said!!)
    last running rest-today
  • Afternoon all.
    Above freezing but still chilly here. Never mind - the mild westerlies will be back by Sunday.

    Nothing wrong with beards Laura - as long as they're kept trimmed to a number 1.
    Good luck with your X/C btw.

    what: 7 mile tempo run. May cut to 6 if not "flowing"
    why: key session day - but the taper has started

    last hard(ish) day: Tue
    last rest day: Thu
    last long day: Sun
  • Just got back from the pool...managed 80lengths, off shopping now.....for some new kit, gels, thats proper shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What: 4 miles Steady (26:19)
    Why: XC Race at Overton tomoz, so wanted a short & sharp sesh, just to keep the mileage up but still save my legs
    Last Hard: Wednesday night
    Last Rest: Monday

    I just recieved my Petzl Zipka headlamp, but Im not running in the dark till next Tuesday! *sniff* I want to try out my new toy, it looks so neat... [dejected look at the other forumites]:`(
  • KK - I've been using a Zipka for the last 3 months and find it excellent. Make sure you put it on the right way up though! (I didn't and thought it was crap......doh!)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Afternon all, back from doctors ... salmonella poisoning, doctor thinks (assuming that 'salmonella' means the same in english as it does in Icelandic). Have to go to the hospital lab to give a sample as they're a bit funny here about foreign diseases on their shores. I'll probabaly get deported....
  • Hi

    What: 5 miles steady

    Why: Short space of time today

    Last Hard: Wednesday

    Last Rest: Tuesday

    Now have a full body massage :-)

  • Whoopee - managed to get out today, all the ice (well nearly all) has melted! Didn't slip over once!

    What - 4 miles at marathon pace
    Why - schedule says so (and I wanted to as well - haven't run for 2 days cos of the snow/ice and was feeling a teeny bit twitchy)
    Last rest - yesterday
    Last hard - Tuesday, speedwork...

    Looking forward to an easy 3-4 miles tomorrow and then a long run on Sunday....

  • Whether has improved in North East of Scotland. It rained the other day so the ice has mostly gone.

    What - Nothing
    Why - Two Track Speed sessions in the one day yesterday I meant I was in a bit of pain this morning (mainly my ar*e muscles for some strange reason)
    Last hard - Definitely yesterday

    Long Run up to 15 Miles Tomorrow so I'm hoping it doesn't freeze tonight. This is to see if I'm in decent enough shape to enter a marathon. I keep getting injured whenever I increase the mileage so I've been building up very gently. Fingers crossed. PPB.
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