burnham on sea half marathon

When this was first announced I had great ideas of doing this. Now it's just under 2 weeks to go and I am getting first timer nerves.
It will be my first half marathon and in training I have only covered just over 11 miles as my longest run. Is this enough training to get me arround?
Just to complicate things I am doing a sprint triathlon in langport this Sunday (my 3rd of this year).

Any advice on what to do in my week in between events, do I rest or train lightly


  • Tracey
    Go for it. It is only another couple of miles & the course is meant to be very flat. Good luck with your Tri tomorrow.
    Nothing you do next week will improve your Sunday race, but if you do a lot you'll harm your performance. Therefore train lightly if you want, or not at all.
  • A week of sounds tempting but I get this huge guilt thing if I don't train. I'm hoping the weather for the tri tomorrow will be a little warner than today and I would like to beat my time from last year but I'd better not go too mad.
  • well i finished in 2 hours and 3 minutes. Around 5 mins longer than I expected but as it was my first time over 13 miles I was glad to just run it all. I got very tired at 10 miles and I couldn't keep up my expected pace.
    Not too stiff in the legs today but the muscle on the outer underside of my foot is huting making walking normally uncomfortable. Strange as it didn't hurt yesterday.
  • Tracey
    That's a respectable first time, and it leaves you with the satisfaction of cracking the 2 hour barrier next time!
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