No Running for 2 weeks-What training?

I'm currently training for New York, but due to a painful foot injury I've been told by my GP to lay off running for two weeks,no impact on the foot.
Can anyone recommend alternative gym sessions that as close as possible replicate the long runs I'll be missing.
My local gym are currently promoting a cross trainer half marathon, I was thinking of try ing that.


  • Apparently the best thing you can do is aquajogging. Read about it on

    I recently purchased an aquajogging belt for £14 from the Swimming Teachers Assiciation as I had some time off with injury. Next time(?) I will be prepared. I also hope to use this as a form of cross training when I am not injured but have yet to pluck up the courage to take the belt to the pool!
  • Swimming, elliptical trainer, cycling, nordic ski-machine-thing will all help keep your cardiofitness up. Nordic thingie and elliptical are probably closest to running muscles....(unless you are brave enough to try the aquajogging.....I found it waaaaaaaaaay too boring - even more hell than a treadmill!)
  • Thanks guys, regarding the eliptical trainer, what settings/workout would you suggest.
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