Running & Sleep

I just started to run this week following this training schedule:

And I have noticed that I am sleeping allot better and getting off to sleep allot easier, which is great as for years I've struggled to get a good nights sleep. I don't think I'll be giving up running any time soon just so I can keep getting a good nights sleep!



  • Well done for starting running, Daniel!!! Be chuffed with yourself.

    I don't think running has much effect on my sleeping, but darn glad it works for you
  • I'd agree with you DanielB. I find that a good daily dose of running or cycling makes me sleep really well. I can't understand why more people don't take it up!

    I hope you keep enjoying your running.
  • I get the same effect, and as I often have difficulties sleeping, it is a very good effect indeed!
  • again well done -- sleeping "better" with running but not quite there yet myself
  • I didn't run for a couple of weeks over xmas due to a cold and subsequent chest infection and was waking up through the night on a reguler basis. Been backing running for a week and problem gone. I hadn't made a connection untill reading your post, so thank you DanielB !

    And congrats on starting running.
  • Well done Daniel, and welcome to the fold.
    Regular running does help to contribute to good sleep - probably because you're so tired!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I definitely find that I sleep better and more soundly on running days.

    I also find that if I have a moderate amount of alcohol at the weekend I tend to sleep pretty well - BUT the reverse is true during the week when I find that drinking alcohol keeps me awake, causes me to wake early if asleep and plays havoc with my body temperature. How weird is this??
  • When I increase the levels of exercise I find I need much more sleep, so it isn't just a question of quality.
  • Had a lousy weeks sleep due to a cough that has kept me awake for three nights. The only proper sleep Ive had has been on the train to work, and a few minutes in the loo at work! Im absolutely knackered and desperatly missing my run but dare not risk it with sub zero wind chill and ice.

    I am planning some hill work by the coast over the weekend (good salt air in the lungs). and then a long run next week. I certainly found that when I ran I slept as much but didn't feel as tired during the day.

    Iron wolf glad to see you, have things got any better over Christmas and into the New Year?
  • Strange this. I think I am the only person who does not sleep as well when training hard. The longer the run, the more sleep I know I need, the harder it is for me to sleep - like some sort of negative psychological thing. I know I NEED sleep, which puts on more pressure to goto sleep, so I can't sleep. Ah, the life of an insomniac
  • chris, I have found that I can't sleep after very hard races (usually bike races). My heart rate is always very high after such events. That and the general aches and pains keep me awake when I really really need to sleep. so I sympathise.
  • Your not entirely alone. I do find sometimes that I don't sleep well after a harder than usual workout. I usually blame it on uncomfortable muscles and tension resulting from same. Overtired muscles seem to have a life of their own, twitching and aching in a way which I don't notice when I'm active, but which is very destructive of sleep patterns.

    Doesn't mean I'm not tired - often very very tired. I find under such circs, for occasional use only, paracetamol works wonders.
  • See, now I've got a completely different problem all together...

    Recently, when I have been for a run after work in the horrible cold weather I find myself falling asleep by about 9pm... Surely this is not good! Also, it's not like I don't need it because once I have woken up again, I go to bed straight away and sleep right through until about 7.30am.

    I don't understand!?! I always thought that exercise was supposed to energise you.

    Any ideas?
  • See above.

    In my dim and distant youth I did 6 weeks of very heavy fitness training and was fast asleep by 9pm every night.

    Also discovered that I couldn't drink any alcohol at all as it affected my running first thing in the morning, and accidentally discovered carbo-loading, before I had ever heard of it. Lived on pasta for the last four weeks of the course.
  • Yes, that sounds soooo familiar! Unfortunately, even the alcohol thing.

    I have found myself having really serious cravings for all things with huge amounts of carbohydrates... Pasta and mashed potatoes and rice...(plus chocolate... Hhmmm). It isn't like I am stopping myself from eating them but I know that I don't need as much of it as I am craving.

    I love running... I really do but being in bed by 9pm every night is killing my social life. My friends think I'm turning in to an old woman.

    Please help me!
  • moose, can't help your problem, but spookily scared by your name and name (real and forum) being similar to mine. and i'm flm'ing!!! g'luck to you!, we meese must support one another (my moosey pic is currently being 'approved')
  • Yaayyy... Another friendly moose... How cool (or scary) is that?!? I'll look forward to seeing the pic. Shame you live so blimin far away... If all meese are the same then you must like a good drink too!

  • mmmmmmm, no drink till sunday now i'm afraid (too much sport over the weekend) but hopefully sunday afternoon in pub to make up for it.

    off home now, see you around the forum!

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