bizzare question here. everybody knows about support bras, but can you get support pants? could really have done with a pair the other day and its got me wondering


  • hmmm, what about the ones that are supposed to "give you the shape you've always wanted" (or some such advertising twaddle)....M&S would be a good place to start.

    But I'd have thought they'd have to be quite tight - which might be uncomfortable and sweaty for running ...
  • yeah and probably not hygenic, i find they they tend to hold your belly in but not much good for holding butt cheeks in place, which is what i'm after lol.
  • Aha....butt cheeks is a different issue! Try these (if you can get them in the UK)

    I got a pair of the shorts and a pair of the tights in New York this summer....they do support in all the essential places :-)
  • cheers i'll have a look at them
  • oooooh they look fancy!!

    may look into them, seem a bit pricey but not sure on exchange rate, thanks though
  • I'm feeling a tad inadequate now.

    Standard lycra shorts do me fine under my running shorts or leggings.

    Dont need any more support than that, and they stop and chaffing of the thighs.

    .......maybe its a lot colder here on the Isle of Man.
  • Dave, does the cold affect bum cheeks? If so, I'm moving north!
  • nice one.

    suggest you run faster, so that you'll be a dot on the horizon, then people wont see how big your bum is.
  • My bum is not big! It just could be a little smaller...
  • has special running pants and thongs
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