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  • I thought it was going a bit quiet on the origional thread!!

    My goodness this ones started off lively hasnt it??!!

  • JohnAirey - The four deaths were a tragedy & possibly changes will have to be made to allow the emergency services faster access to runners in distress but I do hope they can do this without affecting the fundamental mass participation nature of the run.

    Also lets not forget with all the very interesting & differing points of view about walkers/mins per mile etc that this event was very deliberately named as a RUN but not a race 25 years ago.

    Good to see so many familiar names from the previous GNR forum on here. I have posted a reminder on there that the chat continues.
  • good evening all

    well this forum has started off with a bang!!!

    i can see both sides to this argument but what i think it boils down to is basic manners.

    If someone wants to walk the course go to the back and have consideration for those who want to run.

    Dont just bloody stop with no warning or checking to see if anyone is right behind you.

    If you are running a quicker pace dont push and shove people step left and right when its clear.

    If you bump into somebody even if its their fault just say sorry pal/love and carry on.

    There is room for the serious runner the average runner, the slow/first timers and the 14 foof f***ing bananas if we all just give and take a little and show consideration to each other and at the end of the day its a run which we should all enjoy in our own way and relax a little. There are four families out there who have got a real reason to be upset
  • Hi Mick The Mackem, can you explain how you paid your £30 to secure your place for three years? How does that work then?
  • well said Wanderer - thanks! DS
  • Good morning all.
    Can you believe that this time last week we were all anxious/nervous/excited about the race.

    It has been a good week. I still can't quite believe how well it went for me.

    I know our little band had some mixed experiences, but I hope we can all look back with pride on the achievement, especially the half-marathon first-timers. You really did do it :0)

  • morning everyone,

    Just found the new thread so i'm going to dip in every now and again.

    the photos are now on ASI's website, i'm dead chuffed they got 3 of me!! i've changed my forum pic to prove i was there (as i never saw any other forumites) haha.

  • Morning all - i've just been looking at all our pics on the website. Nice to put faces to the names I didn't meet.

    My knee feels 100% better this morning but it probably isn't so I'm not going to run yet, which is really hard because i can't wait to get back on the road.

    John - like your suggestions and I'm sure for the benefit of the people and the run that the organisors will give them some serious considertation.
  • Morning all

    I haven't been out running since the big day, mainly due to stinking head cold I seem to have. But apart from that I have had a niggle in my left foot, near the top right hand side. Sometmes I don't feel it, sometimes i do, but am a little concerned abut making it worse. Hurts the most when driving and having to put foot on the clutch to change gear. I think I'll give it a few more days rest and see how I go.
  • alison-silly question possibly but did you have the championchip on your left ankle? i put mine on my right and i have a pain exactly where it was, maybe it rubbed and caused bruising? i tried running last night on the treadmill and only lasted 5 mins!pain from the impact was terrible, i can walk fine but mine also hurts when driving.
  • Morning Jo, I wish it was a simple as that, but its on the other foot! Funny thing is it didn't start hurting until late Monday afternoon!!

    I have put my bib number in asiphoto.net and it has come up with a picture of the runners on Tyne Bridge. Does that mean I am on there somewhere???? Have tried zooming in but resolution is rubbish.

    But if I'm on there, I want it!!! Its such a classic piccie of GNR.
  • i think they put that photo on everyones, you can search lost and found for pics of you where your race no was not clear, but theres about 4000 of them so it could take a while, i'm trying to see if they got one of me at the finish line.
  • i'm just browsing through lost and found. might be worth a look Alison. There are some really good pics but with obscured numbers.
  • Morning all-for those of you with little niggles and ailements,rest up.You,ll still have the fitness,stamina and endurance inside yourself.

    Im off out later for a 6/7 mile run.I need to get out again because ive got the leicester half marathon next sunday.Touch wood [my head],ive picked up no injuries this year.

    Casting my memory back over the past couple of years,im sure the gnr people will be in touch via our royal mail,with our race time certificates and details of the 2006 gnr and how to apply,in oct/nov.Would anyone like to concur????
  • I'm well up for next years GNR. I feel so good after last Sunday. Even though I had bad knees I felt so fit and healthy and just know I can run it all if I don't ache.
  • alison/little sandra- i have managed to find another pic of me (albeit a small one!) at the finish line, all of the pic there have the clock on so as long as you remember roughly what time it said when you crossed the line you will be able to just zoom on the ones around that time. and theres only 362, oh is that all! i hear you cry.took me about 35mins to find me!
  • oh cool - you found yourself. are you going to buy it? i just had a look at ordering... they're a bit expensive and what are the sizes? inches?
  • i think i might get one of the ones they got of me, i'm not sure if the sizes are inches either, also it has a option to have it emailed for 29 euros, wonder if this means i can print off copies?
  • Sandra-thats great you feeling great.Its also good because you,ve set yourself another goal to aim for which will keep you focused.Its important to set yourself goals while running,it gives you something to aim for,and try planning ahead,5k,10k,half or full marathons for next year.
  • just been on the photos website and there are 4 of me plus the iconic on e of the bridge - they took a really nice pic of me and my friend at the finish so looks like i'll be buying that. Now i have something to prove i actually did run it!
    oh and i changed my pic to prove i did it too - medal and all!!
  • i was going to buy one of mine but they only take credit cards and i don't have one :-( that's rubbish.

    i had a look at yours DS, they're good aren't they. San had some good ones too.

    mick - have been looking at local runs and have picked out a few for early next year.
  • yeah i am really pleased with them have ony ordered two though - i am dissapointed i don't look more impressive while i am running - i imagined i looked a little like paula radcliffe but apparently not!! ;-)
  • Pictures up?
    Thanks for the tip off
    May take me a while as my number came off at mile 3 and I had to carry it.

    Wish me luck in the 'lost and found' section.
  • Well thought I'd better show my face over here :)) Feeling better now - actually had a lie in this morning till 9 - you wouldn't believe how much better I feel just for having that extra time!

    Just been looking at the photos - they're fab! Had to trawl back through the other thread to find the race numbers list so I could put faces to names on here - it's great to see some of you!

    My number was 52683 - in case anyone wants to know! There are 3 of me - 1 very unflattering, but it was the finish, but the other 2 are ok. Might get one, or both!

    Hope you all realise me being here does NOT assume I'm doing it next year! Maybe, maybe not, who knows!
  • i never knew there was so much snobbery in running.

    reading the first 2 pages of this thread almost made me stop coming on here. i think some of the views are very narrow minded and prejudiced against us slower people. i always struggle at the start, was running easier and faster on the 9 mile mark than i was in the first mile. i lined up behind where i should have done because of this, but as i was on the right hand side of the road the 17min mile area actually started before the 9/10 min mile people from the left hand side THIS IS ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS SLOW PEOPLE AND WALKERS STARTED BEFORE THE FASTER RUNNERS there will always be some ignorant people, but dont assume everyone is the same. i am not!

    glad to see things are getting back to normal on this page tho

    i went for first run since sunday yesterday and i felt better than i have ever done. really enjoyed it but this morning my knee hurts, i think partly due to kneeling on something in work.

    does anyone know if there going to do the guarenteed entry thing again this year? i dont want to miss out on a chance of beating my time (shouldnt be too hard!)
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