BUPA Great North Run 2006



  • To my mind all the proven "racers" eould be able to get away, causing less jostling in the early part of the race, more colours hopefully would mean less pressure in the scrum pre-race too. And hopefully people would choose their correct standard and things would go smoother
  • start at the back its not as competative
  • but very frustrating parmo
    i think the GNR is a great event, and has encouraged thousands to run, but lets not discriminate against the people who like to race and test themselves as well. There is potential for everyone to have their own kind of enjoyable day, its just not quite working out like that.
  • I finished on sunday and ran back down the course in search of my brother, then my wife and daughter, and on almost every face i saw enjoyment and a smile, so i'm certainly not knocking the run/walkers etc, just with a little better organisation, none of the tripping, injuries, jostling etc should occur.
  • yeah it was my first event but I can sympathise with you I thought the start and finish were not as well organised as what the race was itself, still I am not seasoned like some racers.
  • Justgot2run

    Go back to page 377 and Joggingjon last entry on that page is willing to let you have a copy for no charge - just a donation to charity. I've taped it also but not good quality but come back if no joy.
  • Everyone that has emailed me and asked for videos, the VHS i thought was spare has been TAPED over, however my mates ex- girlfriend may have recorded it on DVD, if so i will try and do some copies and email out, no promises though but if i do would appreciate donations via my charity site www.justgiving.com/kevkendal

    If i dont i can always forward your emails to jogginjon if he mails me with his address!

    FLM, i think might enter the ballot and leave the decision to fate!

    Signing off now to go to vickis 2007 thread
  • Back from a short "recovery" run but not sure that much recovery went on! Calves very tight, toe on left foot bruised and must have had left shoe on too tight - must remember for next year if I want another PB

    Right I'm off to the 2007 thread
  • Its been great here, but I'm heading across to the new thread as well.

    See you all over there.
  • hi everyone,
    I was unable to meet anyone cos the emotion just all welled up at the beginning (I thought it would hit at the end)(see web site) and I sobbed like a baby and thought this is no way to meet new friends!

    Started running well then hit a complication at about 7miles and had to walk for a bit.

    I am disappointed at 2.57 but trying not to be too hard on myself. At least I ran the last 2 miles strong and overtook at least 200 who overtook me at the beginning.

    For a shortie like me its like being in the land of the giants, I was terrified at the beginning that I would be trampled on.
    I did spot purple plodder, chelle and a couple of others and it was nice just to see you.

    Lovely lovely locals god bless you and thank you for your wonderous support.

    Thanks to everyone on this thread for being the best part of my training programme. Catch up with you again some time.
  • Hi everyone,
    1st post and my 1st GNR.
    I finished in 2:37, very happy just to have finished especial after picking up a knee injury 2 weeks prior.
    Hi Rachel, you wasn’t wobbling at 11 miles you used up all your energy getting the tops off the water bottles:0)
    Next race Leeds Abbey Dash, hope to see more A list RW forumities.
  • Hi folks - now moving to 2007 thread - see me there for updates to the list etc

  • Just popped in to say hi and you've all bu**ered off! Oh well, see you over there.
  • It's been a pleasure 2006 crew, see you on the other thread, hope you'll all be there!
  • Hi Guys

    It has taken me a few days to build up the courage to see how you all did. I unfortunately had a disastrous run. Something snapped in my achilles/calf tendon at mile 2.75 and I had to hobble to the St. John's tent so deflated and dissapointed as the reality hit that I could not continue. Absolutely gutted and really felt terrible to let my sponsors down.

    I have described my day on my website: www.wendylawson.co.uk/gnr2006.htm.

    All my sponsors have been great and said that I can forward their money on to Breast Cancer Campaign.

    I met some great people at the Youth Hostel - I had my green ribbon on - but didn't see any of you guys - but I was already well toward the back of the pack at the start line.

    Was fed up that it was hot again, and probably a bit dehydrated at the start, longing for water by the time the injury happened, so could well have been a contributing factor.

    So will be back at the start line again next year hopefully to finish on my two feet next time - and this time, no pressure about times - I just hope to finish. Will join you on the 2007 thread.

  • There's a video of the 2006 run here:

    haven't seen it myself yet, so cannot vouch for content or quality!
  • Whats gannon on??-People moving over already?
  • the lolly pops the jaffas the sweets the drinks the mars bars the songs the support the hose pipes the high fives !!!!!!! all this makes this the best half marathon .. next year do i need to go threw ballet system or do i keep my place ????? help
  • Just dropping in before I switch to the new thread. Pleased with my result at 2:40:03. 10 mins over a very optimistic prediction. .... and I could still walk at the end with no significant aches or pains. Starting pens were probably basically a good idea, though it became dangerous when loads of people were stuck outside the pens making it difficult for(and also delaying) those heading for the baggage buses or loos. Nearly got my toes crushed when an ambulance needed to come through and we had nowhere to go except squashed against the barrier. Also had to lean away to avoid the wing mirror round my head. If there is room for everyone in their correct pens - why not let them in at the back of their section so they are at least out of the way? The rest was fantastic ! Heading for new thread ....................
  • Where is everybody? Hello?? Anybody?
  • Paulie Boy and anyone else who drops in -

    we've moved onto our new GHR 2007 thread -

    just follow Hairy Aireys link posted further up this page..... see you there..
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