BUPA Great North Run 2006



  • Hey XL. What a great idea, I'm thinking of dressing up as a runner, what d'ya reckon ;o)
  • did everyone's charities take photos? mine has told me they got pictures around the course of all their charity runners...God they haven't gone on the website yet but i'm scared, wish i'd known they were doing that i would have smiled all the way round (tried to at least).
  • Good morning all-hows everyone keeping this fine morning??
    Im doing nowt today-taking it very easy but later im off to watch the lads "hopefully" stuff the boro[boro v sunderland-sky sports 4.00pm].
    Sad to see the walkers crap has reared its ugly head again.If people want to moan about it then form your own thread and b****r off.

    Ive got to go now,our lass has just found me a nice pile of ironing to do before I can go out and watch the match!!!!!!
  • Mick

    I have loads of ironing here if you need some more....

  • oooh mick you can have mine as well! I've got an absolute mountain here.

    Not got much planned today - normal stuff, work, housework, kids homework, dinner, ironing, might go for a run later - haven't been out since last week yet!
  • me neither scilab. I did run without thinking though to B&Q last night to get some paint thinking it was closing in 5 minutes. knee felt fine!
  • Hi Sandra! lol at you running to get paint!

    I'm just toying with the idea of buying some new runners - now, or next week when I've been paid?? My current ones - my only pair - are falling apart - literally. The sole is coming away and the material round the ankle bit is worn right through. Time for a replacement I think, but I'm so short of money this month for some reason :(
  • Hi everyone.

    It's sad that the runners/walkers argument seems to be polarising peoples opinions. I personally found it difficult to get the pace I wanted to, despite starting at the correct area and this was mainly due to people walking right from the beginning.

    I think though that some of the slower runners/walkers on here are being over defensive. I admittedly haven't read every post in this thread, but no-one appears to be saying that people can't walk, or run slowly. The problem is the people who do this with no consideration for those who would like to run fast(er). If you're going to take several hours to finish anyway, then why not start at the back?

    Having done the GSR a fortnight before I would say a move to staggered starts would be simple enough to organise, and definately helps with that problem. In saying that I started in the front group in Glasgow, and was still hampered by slower runners at the beginning :? lol.
  • oh i know scilab - i didn't even have my trainers on!

    sounds like you definitely need a new pair. you can get some good deals on line. there is a running shop across the road from me that also trades online. the shoes are £10 cheaper if you have them delivered from the internet than if you walk across the road to the same shop!?!
  • Morning folks.

    The walk/run argument is getting a little tiresome now. Can those who want to squabble over this go and start a 'Walk v Run squabble' thread somewhere else?

    Enjoyed a 7 miler this morning. Nice weather for running, wish it had been that cool last week.

    Haven't been through all the coverage yet John, but will look out even more closely now. Thanks for the tip off. (I did have my shirt on though)

    I put 50p / mile aside after all my training runs. It pays for a new pair of trainers every 300 miles or so, whether or not they are falling a part, and a lot more kit besides. I'm sure the regular new shoes have been a major factor in my 'luck' with injury avoidance.
  • If you're looking for good deals, check out Start Fitness, they often have 2 pair deals on last years models. Excellent internet service too.
  • Xl man - you do make me laugh! I have had to really bite my tongue to stop myself replying again to the walk/run argument, then you come in and teacher voice on, talk to the squabblers like naughty children! LOL

    Unfortunately if I start putting 50p aside each run it'll take me ages to save up for a new pair - I'd be the new Zola Budd with my barefoot running by the time I could afford them! Might start that regime this time round though - every little bit helps! I've found the trainers I need on treadbear actually, and somewhere else, but I can't remember which website - have to trawl through and find it, as they were a bit cheaper I think.

    This time last week I was half way round - roughly!
  • Afternoon all-finished the pile of ironing and put the clothes away all nicely folded or hanging up.If anyone fancies their ironing doing try and get it to me for sunday mornings.I prefere sunday mornings for ironing.

    Scilab-I always buy my trainers at "sports soccer".Very ,very cheap.Advice i was given for the life of a pair of trainers,change after 500 mile.

    Now for the hoovering and putting the sunday dinner on.See you all later.
  • Mick - Have you got any single brothers aged about 40 ish by any chance - your missus is very lucky!!!!

    Xl man - well said - I'm really peeved now by this walk/run business - couldn't have said it better myself. These people need to realise that they are not elites and until they are and can run with the elites then they have to muck in with the rest of us! And,whilst I'm on my soapbox, I suggest they dont bother entering next year which will give plenty of other people a chance to enter instead who would be quiet happy to just be a part of a fantastic race!

    (((soapbox now being put back into the cupboard)))

    Anyway - went for my 9 mile run this morning. Felt great to get back out there (despite a slightly snotty nose - yuk)
    Got bedroom to decorate this afternoon so will keep popping back on here to catch up.(Mick - you doing housework,me doing DIY...hmmmmm bit back to front dont you think!!)
  • Well said mandie.

    I dont have any single brothers,sorry.Ive only just finished painting and decorating our bedroom[2 weeks ago] and I still did the ironing!! Believe it or not but I love doing the ironing,for some strange reason it helps me relax and its the same when I paint,I can paint all day.Just give me a radio,iron or a brush and set me away!!
  • I've just ordered a new pair of trainers :)))) Used treadbear.co.uk - anyone else used them? Hope they are fairly quick! I've ordered the same make and eveything as before - may as well stick with what I've been running in as they've been really comfy.

  • 50p/mile scilab
    not 50p/run

    You'd be surprised how quickly it mounts up, but the tim edoesn't matter. If you don't do the miles, you don't wear your trainers out.

    After 300 miles you'd have £150, weather it takes you 6 months or 6 days (if you're Barnsleyrunner) more than enough for a new running wardrobe. Or a new pair of trainers and a slap-up meal to celebrate your running achievements.

    Well done on the 9 miles Mandie
    I'm just watching the TV coverage of last weeks event. What a finish from the guy who won - I don't think I could run 100m at that speed.
  • Spooky crosspost !

    Hi scilab, enjoy the new trainers. What did you order?
  • oops
    I do kno wth edifference between weather or whether :0(
  • Oh - my mistake! I'm going to try that for my next pair - save as you run!

    Haven't seen the TV coverage yet - my brother videoed it for me, but I don't live near him so will have to wait till I see him again - probably half term. Can't wait to see it all though!

  • There are some inspirational pictures.

    The self-sponsorship is a good motivation too. It means that even if you've had a stinking 3 mile run that was hard work and you didn't enjoy it at all, at least you've put £1.50 towards your new shoes.
  • I've ordered saucony grid omni4 - the ones I run in at the moment. They've been really comfy and I've had no problems, except them wearing out! The email confirmation says to expect delivery within 5 days :))
  • If it ain't broke - don't fix it.
    No reason to change if they have served you well. Don't forget to log your miles in them ;0)

    Off out with the little camels for some fresh air.

  • Afternoon all-everything done and dusted....im away out to watch the match.....see you all later.
  • Umm, hi again all. So disappointed I didn't meet everyone last week. I saw Shielsy at the start & Madam Stardust (?might have the name wrong, my memory's stuffed) at around mile 11. I'm still stunned I did the distance and really want to do better next year - get my time down from 2:58 to around two and a half hours. My sis-in-law finished in 2:49 and in the nine minutes between us, 2000 people crossed the finishing line. (My brother did the results look up and analysis - he's a geophysicist so he has a 'see data, analyse it' mindset!). I did walk far too much but, when I did run, I felt stronger for the walk breaks.

    I couldn't find the results on the GNR website and can't even find the ASI piccies website. Can anyone help?
  • Mick the Mackem

    My ironing should be with you next Sunday morning at 8.30. Hope thats okay. If you could get it back to me by Monday evening, that would be great.

    Ta muchly.

  • Scooby the photos are on asiphoto.net. For results, got to greatrun.org - just the homepage, and click on the big falshing orange RESULTS.

    Hope this helps

    Lol Alison!!
  • Thanks, Scilab. Found the results and photos from links on the other thread. I look so bad in my pics, plus I'd looked down to stop my stopwatch on my hrm as I crossed the finish line so my baseball cap hides my face. Found another pic of me with my sis-in-law just coming off the bridge when I searched on her number.

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