Mick & Phil

Just opening a thread so we can talk about what's happening with Mick & Phil's new chair.

But they are so famous now so lets see where the thread goes!


  • who's mick and phil?
  • Biastai
    Post a link to their website
  • Thanks Hippo!

    You can see their website at:

  • Adding my name just to get email alerts!

    Await further developments!
  • There are a few things I can think of that need to be done:

    1/ We need to know what we can and can not do on RW forum. I know ICRAM
    is on this.

    2/ We need a bank account to hold the money. With two signatories, for
    safety and transparency. I don't know if any forumites live near Little Miss Happy,or
    ICRAM. Even a couple of forumites near Mick would be good.

    3/ For Gift Aid we need people to send an e-mail to me at my e-mail address saying they would like us as a charity to claim the tax on their donation.

    This needs to have their name and address on it. It also has to say how much they have donated. I can make an e-mail for people to copy to make it easier. We need to let people know that we can do this if they want
    us to and then send the my e-mail address rather than put it on the forum.
    This is more secure!

    4/ We need to find out what Mick wants to get and how much we need. I know he is looking. We need to keep people posted at all times as to how much has been raised and what is being aimed for.

    I think any surplus could go on their running gear. You no what it's like. You could easily spend any excess on a few trainers and a couple of pairs of tops :-) (What about spares for the chair?)

    Other stuff will come up as we get going with it.

    Cheers for now.
  • Hi every-one

    I will try to listen to you all

    And i'm waiting now for our local Mobility shop to get back to me

    Some of you are so clever on these creating these threads, you put me too shame

    We really appreciate what your all doing

    i'm just so busy with life in general at home with My wife and phillip

  • Cheers, Biastai!
    Biastai - you have mail #2!

    You have lots to do just being there for Phil and Mrs. I'm sure we can get a chair sorted out. I have to find some way of thanking you for cheering me on at Oldbury last January. I was so impressed that you travelled all that way when you weren't feeling well.
  • My daughter also has Cerebral Palsy and I have thought about running with her.

    So well done lads keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Georgia's Dad,

    Thanks! Keep watching this space.

    E-mail Mick for some advice. Sure he would encourage you and give some good info.

    Thanks K2
  • Little Miss Happy
    You have mail.
  • Hi yu Georges dad

    yes , just go to our e mail


    look at our web site to get an idea

    I'm there to help you ,

    This isn't just about me and phillip

    This is about All Chronically Sick and / or Disabled

    They are entitled to a life, and only we can give it to them

  • Hi Georges Dad, go for it.
  • Excellent thread and excellent cause.
    As always, well behind Mick'n'Phil. Great to hear something is being done to help you guys.

    A couple of questions/suggestions if I may. I think some have been thought of and mentioned already but here goes anyway.

    Once a registered charity is set up (i assume that is what you are doing) can you set up a "justgiving" site?
    Have a link from micknphils website.
    If you do start to get a massive surplus, why not continue the charity in the same vein, helping out those that want to run with sick/disabled people who are not so well off.
    With micknphil on board there is wealth of experience and advice there to give to people and to provide the necessary encouragement.

    Well done everyone, i have been following this for some time on the Abingdon thread and you can certainly count on a donation from myself. And should you need any other support I am willing to help also. Not sure what i can do but the offer is there.
  • Swanny,

    Get out my head! You been reading my mind, or summit :-)

    Off to do a bit, so see you all later!
  • Great stuff guys - think I saw you at Draycote ultra last year?
  • Brilliant peeps, MicknPhil are an inspiration, they deserve our support.
  • MicknPhil - Are just brilliant, they are great abassadors for our sport and for other disabled people. I am more excited about the raising of money for the wheelchair, than about my first marathon.
  • Just adding my name.
  • and mine . . .
  • Hi every-one

    i am very excited about this thread , and what's happening,

    I think " Swanny ", has summoned it all up

    I can tell you all now, that as much as we love our sport, it's pretty expensive, especially staying overnight somewhere

    Plus we are limited to what we can do anyway, we can't just enter any old race, like most people can

    I am curious, as i'm not good on the internet, how runners looking at any forum, will now to go to Mick n Phil thread

    We are very grateful to you
  • mick'n'phil, you guys are great.

    I always check your web-site out to see how things are going.

    Biastai, please add my name to your list, if I can help out then let me know.
  • Mick, if we keep adding things to this thread, it will keep it on the main forum/general page. Also, as we go on to various race threads, we could perhaps add a link to it.
  • 2002 ATO,

    Thanks for that!

    Will do, let you know what's going on.
  • Nick P,

    I think you have just volunteered yourself as our advertising director :-)
  • Just some more thoughts! (Yes my head does hurt)

    You may like to know that people are already offering to send in donations for Phil's chair. Some I believe are already on the way and we don't know where to put them!!!

    We are desparately trying to sort out a bank account. It may be useful and convenient for it to be a bank, or building society, near where Phil lives.

    Now we need to start working. We need at least two people to take responsibility for this. It's not complicated :-) Simply open an account, say called, "Phil's chair". Allow one of your addresses to be used to send cheques, etc. Then put them in to the account. See! Easy!

    So! Who lives in either the West Midlands, or near K2, Little Miss Happy, or ICRAM?
  • No, to West Midlands, and not sure (I live in Oxfordshire)
  • No thoughts at the moment, but just promised to post on here......

    You know you have my support.

    ps - live in Herts. Know that's not much help Biastai.
  • Could someone give a little bit of background please. I've looked at the website but it didn't say anything about Phil needing a new chair.
  • Lady Lucan,

    I think it arose out of discussion on the Abingdon thread! Next thing you know people were offering to help Mick get a new chair.
  • High gang, long time no see!
    What a great idea, raising money for a new chair for Phil. I presume it will be a lightweight one.
    If all goes to plan I am organising a six and twelve hour track race on the 1st of April on the brand new track in Crawley (Sussex). It would be great to see Mick n Phil there with a new chair. Perhaps that could be the target?
    What are your thoughts?
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