Blue Steel

I came across Blue Steel anti-chafe cream whilst in South Africa - I think it's only available in shops in the Southern Hemisphere. Remarkably though if you order from the manufacturers direct then it still competes on price per weight when compared with Bodyglide, Chafe-Ease, etc. (Particularly when they have a buy one get one free offer that I just missed!)

Although not as cheap as Vas this is a water washable product and has worked very well for sweaty old me right up to 50km races. It does contain lanolin which some people are allergic to, however.


  • Is it wetsuit friendly ?

    (Bit pointless really seeing as my bodyglide stick will probably last me a few years at my rate of swimming)
  • I couldn't say I'm afraid. I'm guessing it's a tri friendly cream being Australian but couldn't say for sure. And since it doesn't affect me I have no idea what sort of ingredients could rot a wetsuit.
  • Oh, I should have said that the website I linked to is of course Australian and so is talking in Aus Dollars (exchange rate is about 1£:A$2.30)
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