How much hydration??

I always have this fear of not hydrating enough before a run, this does not usually cause me a problem if I am running in the evening, but if I do a long training run at the weekend, I seem to have to end up diving behind a bush after a few miles.

Usually my weekend runs start early as I need the rest of the day to get on with things I can’t get done during the week. I get up about an hour or so before I go out running to give my body time to wake up and have a glass of juice and a yoghurt.

I usually drive out for about 10 minutes to get away from suburbia to do my run and, hey ho, by the time I get to my destination, ……. – yes, I do go before I leave!!!!

I tend to have a glass of water by the bed and usually find I drink this during the night. I am only tiny so how much liquid do I really need??? I must be taking in too much otherwise I would no be getting rid of so much.

I do drink loads of water during the day, and have done for the past couple of years, to try and cut back on caffeine.

I suppose the answer to this is pretty obvious, not take in so much liquid before I go for a run but how much is how much, I suppose this could be down to your individual body requirements and mine seem to be that I need very little liquid.

So, do we believe everything we are told about drinking two litres a day? Or do I just drink less and risk dehydrating, or am I being over cautious. I do usually take a drink with me if I am running over 6 miles. And why does it seem to be a problem in the mornings and not the evenings.

Again, not usually a problem with races as they normally start later in the morning but I am usually the last one in the queue at the loos.


  • Sorry , not much use on this being a bloke, cos we can wee anywhere we like!!
  • Isn't the colour of the wee the measure, so to speak. If it's clear you are hydrated.
    Creosote mate... we can and usually do!!
  • Was reading an article that said that the 2litre thing was a bit of a myth - well not so much a myth, but get a lot of water from foodstuffs etc so whilst may require an average (depending on climate, exercise etc) of 2 litres of liquid a day, a fair amount of this will come from apparently dry(ish) substances. Rule of thumb is to check that your urine is pale yellow in colour.
  • I think it is about being comfortable with the amount you have had to drink and knowing yourself. Do the urine check as a matter of course. I think it depends to a certain extent on if you plan to drink whilst you run also. A lot of people say that if you don't need to pee, you should have drunk more!
  • Whizzy, if it makes you feel better, I have upped my intake of water lately and I do find that I am making more visits to the loo... but if the "experts" reckon I should be drinking water, then so be it!

    I must say that I don't really experience any problems when out running, but i do tend to have a couple of pit stops passing the bathroom whilst getting ready for my run... that usually does the trick!
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