Leeds Abbe Dash



  • ok, so pack arrived - with NO directions to the car parks or the start :<(
  • Car parks?


  • Beanz - it's Sunday, it's leeds city centre - there's tons of car parks (and on street parking) - if in doubt park in "The Light" shopping centre - you have to pay, but it's dead near the start.

  • Pack arrived - where do you put the chip so it doesn't wag around and annoy the hell out of me!
  • Can I put it in the little pocket on the inside of me Ron Hill shorts? I've never been tagged before!!!
  • Just tie it on with your laces and it should be fine. You have to run over a mat to register the chip so i suppose the nearer the ground the better. The mat might not talk to one in your pocket!
    They used a slightly different chip last year (held on by tape rather than laces) and you never noticed it was there.
  • What happens if it snows? Will the race go ahead as long as the roads are open?! What about ice?
  • Am banking on the gritters Chris!
  • Snow - a bit of snow doesn't stop a race! Does it??????
  • I hope its not too icy as I'm hoping for a PB on Sun (45-46mins). I suppose the amount of people running ahead of me will clear the ice.
  • just looked at two forecasts and neither predict snow - showers and sun - which has cheered me up no end :>))
  • Thats great news, really looking forward to this race, had a great run @ Roundhay Park last weekend, so fingers crossed.
  • Abbey Dash 2005 - Two places available

    One of the guys at work has a couple of friends that have had to drop out of the race on Sunday
    And he says…

    Hi everyone

    I've got two confirmed places for this Sunday's Abbey Dash 10KM road race up for grabs.

    The tickets, number bibs and timechips can be yours for £5 apiece, ono.


    email address – gavin.mcnaughton@skiptoninformationgroup.com

    mobile 07768 087871

    This has also been posted on the other thread
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