sore knee

After running for about 18 months, i've developed an odd pain on the outside of my right knee - i've self diagnosed it as Iliotibial Band Syndrome, but wondered if anyone else has the same problem? After a 2 week break from running, i ran 3 miles yesterday and although there wasn't any pain as such it felt odd and today feels a little tender - any ideas?


  • Yes, lots of people have the same problem!

    Have a look in the Health & Injury bit.

    (mental note - I really must do something about my ITBS obsession (ITBSO))
  • Have printed some streching & strengthening ideas from the health & injury bit - hopefully these will help!
  • OK, but do make sure your shoes are right. I've ranted at length about this in the H&I section - of the FORUM, not the website.
  • Thanks, just bought new shoes - there's a great shop called run & become in victoria, London. They watch you running and really assess your needs! They stock everything you could ever possibly need for running, well worth a visit if youre ever in the area!
  • Good news - other people here have recommended them too, so I'm sure they'll have sorted you out properly.

    Good luck with getting back on the road.
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