Teenage Girls

I was innocently sitting on a wall eating cakes the other day, as you do, when a load of 6th form girls walked past.

They were all dressed up like they were middle class 50 year olds - high heels and every one of them had some kind of thing round their neck like a velvet dog collar - is this some kind of fashion?

It looked awful anyway - are there any middle class young people out there can defend the fashion sense of their peers - at least chavs have their own thing rather than copying their mums.


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  • Popsider, I think you are showing your age - young people are supposed to look weird and upset the grown ups. We start to sound like our parents when we say that they look awful.....:)
  • But they looked older than me - they even had more middle aged spread than me - not that I am middle aged or have any spread but you know what I mean. I want to be able to see teenagers and say things like "look at the state of them, scruffy herberts" - not feel like they are probably saying it about me.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    I often see kids hanging arround the centre of Peterborough, dressed in black - spikey haircuts, black eyeliner, Marilyn Manson teeshirts, and most perversely of all, saggy rucksacks. They look like Goths, but not quite, they remind me of cartoon punks, but not quite ....so what is the look.
  • I am delighted to report that Kevin the Teenager and her friends are all absolutely gorgeous, and dress just rebelliously enough.

  • popsider - go into town on a Friday night, that would make you react how you think you should

    girls with bare bellies, skirts like belts and tottering along in stupid shoes

  • The thing that gets me is boys wearing baggy jeans hanging off their bums, showing all their back sides - why? Someone should go up and yank them - that'd stop them!!

    beanz52 - just reminded me how i used to dress 20 years ago.....!
  • popsider - just wait until yours start with it... a while off yet but even so...

  • There was a very buff young man in the gym the other day with three inches of his Calvin Kleins showing over the top of his trousers.

    He started running on the treadmill, and soon had to pull them up and tighten his belt. Not that I was watching, or anything, you understand...
  • ChaosChaos ✭✭✭
    What is a "buff" young man?

    was he in the buff, buff-coloured or err... something else?
  • And in my day songs used to have to have a tune...it's all noise these days isn't it?.
  • Noise is good simon!!

    I think the poor teenagers of today have a real problem rebelling against liberal parents. I mean what's a kid to do when his mum used to party with Primal Scream and his dad can out-extreme any music you throw at him? Join Jehova's Witnesses and dress accordingly, that's how. 8 years to teenage-dom, oh how I worry...
  • Perhaps they were wearing school uniform?!

    Apparently 'Victorian' and '50s ladylike' are the key influences on fashion this season. I say 'apparently' because everyone I know will continue wearing suits on weekdays and jeans in the evenings and weekends completely regardless of fashion (apart from me, as I'll be in a freezing cold library so will be wearing jeans and three jumpers weekday and weekend). Perhaps the girls you saw were just showcasing the new trends and everyone will be dressed like that in a month's time?

    I really don't get the whole crotch-round-the-knees jeans thing. I saw a guy fall up the escalator the other day because he'd basically hobbled himself. Very amusing.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    what about an over 50 granny dressed on a mini-skirt and more make up than her gran-daughter, is that better?
  • Jose, I take great exception to your remark, I am over 50 and am not a granny, nor do I see why I should dress like one just to meet someone else's idea of what's "proper". I wouldn't now wear a cropped top or spaghetti straps with no bra, but I am damn well not going to give up short skirts to suit someone else's opinions.
    What I think is far worse are those middle-aged blokes wearing trousers/jeans 2 sizes too small so their big bellies hang out over the waistband.
  • I hear you on the middle aged spread thing. Aparently Topshop have changed teh way they size womens clothes becuase their belies are getting bigger.

    Maybe they were from a girls school where the idea is to make them look less sexy - you know as oposed to the st trinians look. There's a girls school near me & they all dress like humbugs 0 brown uniform with yellow stripes & white cotton tights - you can't get much worse than that - hopefully does something to stop the pervs out there leering at them
  • " scruffy herberts" I like it !!!!
  • Well its clearly stopped you leering Ixus, maybe theres something in it:)
  • Popsider - the chavs round here dress the same as their mums - Reebok sweatshirts, tracky bottoms, cheap gold etc......

    I know I was getting old when the baggy jeans thing started a few years a go "How are they going to run for bus?" I thought. I then went home, made myself a nice cup of Horlicks and sat down, in a draught free environment of course, to watch Last of the Summer Wine.
  • ''They were all dressed up like they were middle class 50 year olds - high heels and every one of them had some kind of thing round their neck like a velvet dog collar - is this some kind of fashion? '


    btu im moer of an oxfffam girl myslef :)
  • Yes, they are wearing this get up as the Victorian and 50's look is indeed a trend for this season.

    Not that I'm a shallow follower of fashion or anything. *gets coat*
  • I'm trying to find one of those furry collars things to dress up as Rita Hayworth this weekend. I don't suppose they'd left the labels on view?

    I can't afford Oxfam, it'll be Sue Ryder/Hospice Care/MacMillans/AN Other for me this weekend.
  • It's not necessarily a sign of age when you can't understand the current fashion. I remember when girls all wore those stretchy pants in the early 90s. I was quite young then and I thought they looked terrible. They were often stripey and made their arses look huge.

    What did made me think I was getting on was when flares actually did come back into fashion. Noone who endured persecution for wearing them in the early 80s would consider wearing them again.
  • They didn't call them flares, they called them 'ultra boot cut' or something like that.
  • Chaos - buff means shapely, attractive, in excellent condition.

    Worth looking at "in the buff", I suppose!
  • Toria, I hated the 'extra' bootcut jeans, because I am old enough to remember them when they were called flares.

  • me too, I used to wear them. I was 14, I think.
  • Ironwolf - over 50? Haven't you heard - 60 is the new 50 - you've got a while to go yet.
  • I love flares
    i have fat calves
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