Fat Club - Wednesday 21st



  • Hi all,
    Just been out for another run, managed 12.30 mins over undulatingzhilly terrain. then jsut one 30 sec walk on the return leg.

    Am i imagining it or is my recovery period improving that quick???? I hope so as i am starting to enjoy running now. Especially this after run glow i have at the moment.

    Good luck with the weigh ins today and tomorrow guys and gals

    A very happy
  • Hi all,
    Well what a day I've had..! Had those nightmare kids again today (30 of the little darlings..).. Final day of their drama workshop (thank the Lord). I had to write/direct/stage a 20 minute play for them to perform in front of their doting parents this afternoon.. boy do I need chocolate NOW!!! But you know what, I have resisted..! Also, I have consumed no alcohol this evening either and, it really would be medicinal tonight methinks! Anyway, I have done no exercise whatsoever since Monday (should be ashamed of myself.. I am, I am!!). I am planning on going on a long run in the morning to try and make up for it. Hope you're all doing ok and hope your leg feels better soon Daisy Duke - poor you.. I did something similar earlier this year when out running. I tripped on a paving stone and went flat on my face in front of a line of cars waiting at the traffic lights. I didn't know whether to feign unconsciousness and lay there until an ambulance arrived to avoid the embarrassment of facing those sniggering car drivers, or to just get up and run like hell for home. I chose the latter, with blood streaming down my little legs. Chose a different route after that...!
    Take care all.
    Michelle x
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