Fat Club - Wednesday 21st

Good Luck to all those weighing today.

Started the day off well with banana, pear & apple drink (yes, with new food mixer). It's a gorgeous day here (so far) so I'm out in the garden again - should be done today. Then off to the gym this afternoon. :)


  • Meant to say...

    V-rap -- it's great chatting when you don't notice what's happening but I really have to concentrate. I'm a bit dissappointed because in my 4 weeks of returning to running I still have yet to find that "zone" feeling which I used to rather enjoy. The guy from work is a fitness fanatic but he does all his exercise whilst yammering away ... so hopefully he'll decide to stay in his "men's gym" i.e... the sweatbox down the road :)
  • Morning All. Managed to dodge the pizza mafia last night but did end up eating Turkish. The meze were delicious but I could feel the calories as I got stuck into the bread, plenty of carbs though! Anyway, only had one beer, and am off to gym this evening. I actually like gym. I rather enjoy 10k on the treadmill listening to Radio 5 Live. Only problem is you need to book it as it gets a bit busy. Thankfully my gym is nice and mixed with only a few lycra clad stick insects in full make up and show off body builders. Most folks when I am in are fellow chubsters. Running from home is a pain, 'cos there is only me, I have to take keys with me, which are really bulky and weigh a ton. Someone suggested some sort of wrist thingy for keys but mine probably wouldn't fit. Busy day at work today, so that'll keep me running about. Have a good day.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning Cath, I always start the day with a fresh juice - all that soluble carb really helps get me going. I've even converted Mr R to it and he's lost some weight as a result (he always used to have an enormous bowl of Cornflakes with sugar on). It's amazing how a fresh jiuce makes you feel so full and gives you so much energy.

    If you want to try something really zingy, blend mango, pineapple, fresh lime, half an inch of fresh ginger and some natural yoghurt together. YUMMY!

    I'm off for a ride and then some weights at the gym.

    Good luck with the weigh-ins today.
  • I haven't got the "zone" yet either, Cath, despite having been back on the road for 7 weeks now. Didn't expect it yet, since last time round it didn't kick in until I'd been training for 3 months and could run 8-9 miles without flinching.

    I've not started so well - meant to get up in time to have a big breakfast with a bit of protein in it (planned to put the meat off a roast chicken leg and wing kept aside from yesterday's dinner into a pack of add-water-and-stand-back couscous) but ended up pouring down cereal and fruit as usual. Might have to add tins of tuna or a bag of TSP (yuck, I know, but less yuck than most tinned meat) to the emergency food stash in my filing cabinet.

    Stepping the calorie count up to 2,500 has involved a lot of food in the evenings for the past couple of days, so I need to be better organised.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • V-rap -- re food in the evenings. I agree completely, I have to make sure my whole day is organised so I don't end up eating too late. The mr has been working late for the last 4 weeks so I've been eating later - which is really bad for me because I end up not being able to sleep even though it's hours and hours later. Also, hopefully the "zone" thing will kick in eventually then - I don't mind as long as I know it's not out of reach :)
  • Hi everyone! I had a bad day yesterday, went to a funeral then was forced to eat pizza and pringles! AND I didn't run, how shocking is that? Hope to make up for it today though, with a frugal diet and a speed session in the evening!
  • Cath - a much improved pic

    day started with 160 mile drive stopping for two breakfast turnovers - solid fat really - ho hum.
  • Mij -- thanks I have BlueKnees to thank for it :)
  • Morning all, about that zone thing. It took me 10 weeks or there-abouts of regular 3 times a week running to get there this time round. Problem was when I first started back running after Mini RM, I was only managing to get out once a week and every run was hideous for months. I felt leaden, unfit and it hurt. It was so hard to motivate myself to go out for another tortuous session. The only thing that kept me going was the memory of what it used to be like when I felt strong, fit and like I could almost fly. It was then that I started to really respect all those people who come to running late in life with a former life of smoking/drinking/couch potatoeing. When I very first started, I had always been fit so I just got on a treadmill and ran 3 miles and it was easy. I never understood how hard it can be.

    Have a good day all,
  • Mij, Does the lovely black sorrowful looking doggy get to come out running with you too or is that why he's looking so mournful because you've left him behind again?
  • Morning all

    had a really bad couple of days as I'm not working at the moment (looking for a job and currently temping) Sainsburys beckoned as did lots of fat filled food.

    Can't get motivated to do anything but then went out with a friend last night who I haven't seen for 10 years and felt awful cos I couldn't fit into my jeans properly.
  • I am just about to go out on my bike, maybe 30 miles or so, then early evening I'll attempt some sort of speed training. That is before I head round to the local Indian resturant. Buffet night, I will try and abstain from the beer, but admittedly my chances are not good. I shall stay away from the gym for the rest of the week, see if I feel the need to return, the one I go to has TV's, radio, etc, but I never go on the treadmill, gym is cross-train night, sauna and supposed relaxation. The treadmill hurts my feet and ankles, no idea why. The gym though, does tend to be full of lycra loving people, always under the air conditioning ducts in case the chocolate melts. These people need only mirrors for entertainment. ( do I note a tinge of jealousy here ) not at all :-)
    V Rap, I managed to get a form for the FLM, someone I know who works in JJB sports got one for me, cost me a pint, but worth it. Thanks for the offer.
  • Help! It's the boss' birthday and he's brought in a load of lucious cakes and biccies for the staff - what do I do??!!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    An extra 2 miles tonight.............
  • After your run last weekend, I'd say eat as many as you like, look on it as carbo loading for tomorrows run.
  • Hee hee, true, I did well on cake at the weekend! Still, was trying to be good today after 2 bad days... ho hum!
  • One of our staff has a landmark birthday today and has brought in a lot of cream cakes. This would present a dilemma except that I was brought up without cream cakes and have never learned to like cream in any recognisable form (sponge cakes and tray bakes and treacle scones and all-butter shortbread are another matter entirely). So my eclair is going home or the little raptorettes to smear on the walls tonight.
  • Have just had 2 mini Mr Men fairy cakes (Mr Greedy and Little Miss Naughty!) so the damage can't be too bad, V-rap?? I am back on celery sticks now!
  • Ahh well, my speed training tonight is no longer on. Fell off my bike, across the gravel into the hedge, much to the amusement of the motorists, my knee is like an over sized, over ripe plum and I have scratches from the bushes all over my leg and arm. Had to cycle a further 18 mile with a dried in stream of blood from knee to ankle. Ho bloody hum
    Didn't stop me eating when I got back though.. I think it was a wee bit of comfort food :-)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Poor you Daisy. Hope you didn't have your Dukes of Hazzard extra short shorts on and managed to retain a degree of dignity! I think you're entitled to some comfort eating and maybe an ice pack for the knee.
  • Oh no Daisy, what a disaster. Heres hoping you have a speedy recovery. Reckon all these bike miles mean yummy comfort food is fine for this evening.
  • You poor thing, Daisy! I hope you heal up quickly. Maybe your body was telling you, in a rather dramatic way, that it didn't fancy doing speed sessions on top of a 30 mile bike ride.

    Lamb, celery sticks may be better than we realised. I was firmly put in my place this morning when I told one of my diabetic patients that her blood pressure was on the high side. "Your machine must be wrong," she said. "It's been proved by research done by an English doctor that if you eat four sticks of celery a day you will never have blood pressure problems, and I always eat four sticks of celery every day." She's even promised to lend me the book that says so to prove her point. I await with interest...
  • Hmmm, sounds dubious, 4 sticks of celery... and 10 pork pies, 4 cream eclairs, 34 choc chip cookies...!!! The machine don't lie, honey!!

    Mine is usually high the first time they do it as I HATE having it done and get really stressed, then they do it again and it's fine! I have to force myself to relax!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Ouch, Daisy. That sounds a nasty one. Chocolate is very good for shock, I believe. :-)

    V-rap - maybe if she ONLY ate 4 sticks of celery, and nothing else, she would have no blood pressure at all...........? I'm trying to convince my very overweight Mum that having an ice cream, bar of chocolate and a bag of crisps every day isn't helping her weight problem, and that eating them just after a meal (sort of as a pudding) doesn't stop them being a snack.
  • So it must be true, if its written down in black and white then.
  • Your mum sounds like mine, Nessie, although I have to give my mum massive credit for finally getting to grips with the fact that her little round mother and her little round aunties all got diabetes and an early trip to the cemetery, and her little round cousins are all getting diabetes and heart disease, and doing something about her little round self instead of pretending that the cakes in the house are for the grandchildren, who visit about 4 times a year and aren't very interested in cakes.

    I didn't ask my patient what she ate apart from the celery, or I'd have got the stock answer of "One half of one chapatti and two little teaspoonfuls of dhal, nothing else, no chevda, no gulab jamans", and then I'd have had to decide whether to smile sweetly or read the Riot Act. And since she's really a rather nice lady, I took the conflict-avoidant route for once.
  • V-rap, no surely not! the conflict-avoidant route?! How could you resist?!!
  • I'm a little pussycat really, Lamb (I was going to say I was a gentle little lamb, but I can't be coz that's you). Seriously, I don't mind calling a spade a sh*t-shoveller, but only if doing so is likely either to lead to a positive outcome or to make me feel better, and sparring with sweet little old ladies does neither.
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